Saatva Mattress Review

Came to agreement with manufacturer.

Hi greekbecky,

Thanks for taking the time to share your experience with your Saatva purchase.

The sticky substance is a mystery to me and I’d be interested in what they say when you talk with them and where it may have come from. In all fairness it may not have come from the factory and the odds are probably higher that it happened during the shipping process.

The good news of course is that they have a good return policy but this may involve a claim with the shipping company. I would think that someone from the shipping company would have noticed the sticky stuff if it was originally picked up that way and made a note to avoid a shipping damage claim.

Their warranty terms are here and it seems to be a fairly standard 15 year warranty with either repair that doesn’t include transportation charges or a pro-rated replacement with a 1.5" exclusion for body impressions.

It’s unfortunate that your experience wasn’t the best and I hope you have the chance to share the results of your call with them and the outcome of your issues.


Hi Phoenix,

I’ll give them a call, but I don’t expect much more than the feel good lip service. The bottom line is that I either return it less the shipping charge or just live with it.

They are great at marketing their product, but the quality just isn’t there. Oh well.


Hi greekbecky,

You may have read this already but there is a fairly extensive analysis of the quality and “value” of their mattresses based on the detailed specs the manufacturer provided me in post #1 here and they are better value than most of the mainstream mattresses you would find in a similar budget range.

To their credit they are also completely transparent about the materials in their mattresses so there is nothing “hidden” in their mattresses and their customers would know exactly what they are buying. they also have a good return policy as well.

I do agree however that they are not in the “ultra premium” range and that some of the comparisons they make with more costly mattresses are more about marketing than apples to apples comparisons.

I would encourage you to talk with them about your experience and the “sticky stuff” and see what they say and if they can help you.


I ordered and received a luxury firm mattress many months ago. The delivery people dropped (I saw it outside my door) the boxspring and damaged it. I called Saatva and they couldn’t have been more helpful. I decided to sleep on the mattress for a few nights to make sure I liked it and it worked for me, but was not comfortable. They couldn’t have been nicer and arrangements were made to return the mattress less the delivery fee. I found them to be more than fair about the whole process. Mattresses are a very personal thing and what works for one person may not work for another. That being said, they were honest, reasonable and I only wish I found the mattress comfortable. On a side note, I have back and neck issues and finding a comfortable mattress is a process.

I would thank this site for the opportunity to post a review of my reccent purchase of a Saatva mattress.
Just want to make kown that I’m certainly not an expert when its comes to various makes, models, and manufactures of mattress’s that are out there for our choosing. But I do have a life long experience, as most older folks do, of dealing with dealerships, stores, manufatures etc, of the products we buy from time to time. Some experiences are good, some not so good.

My experience with dealing with and purchasing from Saatva has been nothing but a first class, customer satisfaction first, polite courteous, non high pressure to buy experience. From my first contact, with the usual guestions a purchaser would have, to the day my mattrerss was delivered, my experience with their customer service has exceptional.

Just to back up a bit, prior to making my purchase, I read many if not all positive reviews from other buyers regarding their purchase of a Saatva mattress. Many comments were of speaking directly with Mr Ed Brians, exe vp of the company. Well just to make sure these reviews were accurate I called Saatva and asked to speak with Mr Brians. I was told that he was out but he would get my message and request, and to expect a call back from him. Not long after, I recieved a cell phone call from Mr Brians as he was in an airport waiting to board his flight. He took the time to answer any all of my questions, and again demonstrated to me what the Saatva company is all about, a quality product that is number one in customer service in my book.

In closing, with any product we as consumers buy today, be it mattress’s, autos, appliances etc, theres bound to be customers that are not happy or satisfied for what ever reasons, and some very justafiable, but I will say this about Saatva, you will look have to look long and hard in this day and age to find a company better or even comprable to them. I’m happy with my Saatva mattress purchase, and totally impressed with their customer service and the people their like Mr Brians that make it happen.

Please remove my review. Saatva called and we’ve come to an agreement on the situation.

Hi greekbecky,

I don’t edit user posts on the forum or delete them (unless they break the rules of the forum) but it would be great if you could let the forum members that read this know the outcome of the issues you mentioned and what happened.

I’m not surprised that Saatva helped you come to a good resolution or agreement about your issues because they tend to be very responsive to customer service concerns.

Letting us know the outcome and how Saatva responded when you talked with them will also let other forum members know that they have good customer service and are there to help their customers with any issues they have.

“Stuff” can always happen in a mattress purchase or delivery. The real test of good customer service is what happens afterwards :slight_smile: