Does anyone have any experience with Saatva mattresses. Please share your wisdom, experience or advice.

Hi PattyS,

You can see some of my thoughts about Saatva in this thread but I have also very recently had a more detailed conversation with the manufacturer of the mattress and with Saatva and there will be some updated information added in the next few days.


We just recently returned a Saatva mattress – the Luxury Firm model. Here’s what my wife and I thought, and why we returned it:

We wanted to move on from a cheap queen mattress that I bought about six years ago, and turn that into a guest bed and get a high-end king bed. We started out trying out some mattresses at Macy’s, and found some that we liked. They were quite expensive, and when we looked around a little bit online, we found that those companies had poor ratings and reviews. We weren’t opposed to spending the money for something good, but what we’d found wasn’t good.

We came across Saatva, which had excellent reviews, and their website said all the right things. We thought we were getting an “ultra premium” (their words) mattress that was made of top-notch materials, would be extremely comfortable, and last many years. We chose the Luxury Firm based on their descriptions.

The first problem we had was with the delivery company they use in the Seattle area, A-1 Distribution. I won’t go into detail about that part, because I don’t think it’s particularly relevant. I will say that the way Saatva responded to our problems with the distributor was great, and I feel that they handled it very appropriately. They seemed to genuinely be upset about the experience we’d had.

The mattress itself immediately was far, far firmer than we expected based on what we’d tried in stores, and the descriptions given on the website. I am totally willing to believe that this was our problem, and that most people may very well be happy with the comfort of this model. I just know that for us, it felt like sleeping on the floor.

We wanted to give it basically the full 30 days that Saatva allows for exchanges and returns. We were both desperately hoping it would “break in” and become comfortable. It did improve some, but was never at all comfortable for us.

I actually called with the intent of exchanging it for their Plush Soft model, but there was a bit more cost to doing the exchange than I’d originally thought, so I told them I wanted to think about it. I started doing some more research, and ended up on this site. I quickly started to feel like it was best at that point for us to just return the mattress.

The company was very nice and responsive with setting up the return, and we had no problems there (assuming our refund posts soon :)). There was no hassle, or pressure not to return it, or anything like that.

Once we stripped the sheets off and were looking it over before it was picked up, we noticed what I can best describe as some sort of sag. It looked like the pillow top layer had sort of gone down further into the lower part of the mattress. I’m not sure how to describe it or what was really happening, but it looked odd, and definitely uneven. A couple of the corners of the pillow top layer were also bulging out somewhat, which again did not look normal.

In summary, here are my opinions about Saatva:

  • The customer service is great
  • The delivery company they use in Seattle is not, although their handling of the situation was very good
  • The mattress is not of the quality level that it’s represented to be on their website
  • You could do better (member list of this site, for example), and you could do worse (S companies, etc.)
  • The Luxury Firm really is firm, in my opinion

Hi Andrew275,

Thanks for sharing your experience with Saatva and the balanced approach you are taking in your comments.

I have had several conversations with both the manufacturer of the Saatva mattress and Saatva itself and I agree that they are good people.

They did provide me with more information that I will be adding to the Saatva thread over the next few days but overall I think your description (not the best quality/value available but much better than most mainstream choices that most people would otherwise choose) is a fair one and I appreciate you taking the time to share your thoughts.

My main comment when I was talking to them is that the comparisons they make on their site to more premium mattresses and the emphasis on coil count and mattress thickness are not really apples to apples and can be somewhat misleading. They are transparent about their materials and they did appear to take my comments to heart.