Saavy Rest Bed Rugs

I was looking for about an inch extra height in a foundation, and came to thinking that one of these coconut bed rugs might be nice for:

[ol][li]Providing a little extra protect for the bottom of the mattress (latex) on the slatted wood foundation.[/li]
[li]Providing a little extra overall height[/li]
[li]Ensuring excellent airflow[/li][/ol]

My idea is to actually staple the bed rug to the top of the slatted foundation before inserting it into the foundation cover. Does anyone have experience with these bed rugs and have any feedback? They’re a bit pricey for what they are, I must say.


I have decided that the bedrug would be overkill. I will take a look at the underside of my new latex mattress after a few months, and if it shows any signs of developing slat depressions from the foundation (Flexus spruce with <3" slat spacing) then I’ll consider adding the bedrug between the foundation and mattress at that time.

Since I don’t hear about these types of issues in the forum, I guess I shouldn’t be too concerned.


I don’t think you will have any issues with the Flexus foundation because of the spacing of the slats.