Hello Phoenix,

Its been great to come across this site and fortunately in the nick of time.
I had settled on the Bennett (coill 1920) set by Kingsdown offered at Sleep Country Canada in King size which was on sale for $2300 taxes included. Was expecting delivery yesterday.
I then came across a sale ending yesterday at Sear’s and quickly went to see their selection of Kingsdown and their top end mattresses were the Sanctuary and Devotion. The takehome price for the set of each was $2500 and $2700 respectively. In comparison the Bennett on specs seemed to slot in between the Hemingway and the Sanctuary. So I called the salesperson at Sleep Country and at they dropped the price on the Bennett down to $1700 takehome ($500 reduction on top of the sale price). Seems like a pretty good deal.
At Sears however, I also tried their most luxurious Stearns and Foster Dominion model retails at $5199 but was available takehome for $3100.
So I put delivery on the Bennett on hold. But also bought the Stearns and Foster so as not to lose the sale price.
I then came home and tried to do some research again and came across your website which I keenly read till 5am this morning.

Now I feel that I am sort of at square one but better informed and thus quite excited.

I would like to get a mattress ASAP. I never considered a 100% talalay natural latex mattress and was wondering where I could try one out in the Toronto area. I will wait to make my purchase until then.

Just briefly,

I am approx 5’7 and weigh 120-130lb and my spouse is 5’4 and weighs 125-135lb. We sleep in most positions but are making an effort to sleep on our backs. Although the price ceiling is a factor, a great quality mattress is worth it for us.
I don’t mind ordering from the US if necessary. It would be nice to have some luxurious detailing to the set if possible.

I would also like to get some advice on mattresses for our children, daughter 8 and son 5. Both are average height and weight. They are currently sleeping on a standard ikea set with a topper while we are on a box spring with a topper (yes i know its terrible).

Your feedback would be really appreciated.

Thanks. Ali

Hi Ali,

I’m glad you found us before you pulled the trigger on a major brand and the long term issues that are connected with the use of lower quality foams … especially in the comfort layers.

There is a list of options in the Toronto area in post #1 here and you have some very good choices in the area that would give you a higher quality mattress at a lower price than the ones you have been looking at. Both of you are lower weights which means that you would likely do better with slightly softer materials than people who were heavier and you may also do better with a thinner mattress (which uses less materials and are lower cost) than someone who was heavier. of course your personal testing will confirm this (or not).

With the value that is available in Toronto … I don’t think you will need to consider ordering from the US although that is always an option (although it is more difficult to exchange layers and local testing can be more “accurate” and have less risk than an online purchase).

I would first look at the websites of the choices that are within a reasonable distance from you which carry mattresses you may be interested in testing and/or call the ones that seem most attractive and tell them about your experiences, that you are looking for a talalay latex mattress, and ask what they have available on their floor that is in your general budget range (and your budget range seems to be more than enough for a high quality mattress). This will give you a general sense of what they carry and their level of knowledge and service before you go there. I think it’s always important to talk with a manufacturer or retailer on the phone before you pay them a visit because your experience on the phone will often be mirrored when you go to the store. Many of the choices listed make latex mattresses and/or latex hybrids.

Since the Stearns & Foster uses a microcoil in the comfort layer (in combination with other materials) … you may also want to ask if they carry any similar models made by smaller or local manufacturers as well so you can compare them.

Actually Ikea makes a few mattresses that I would consider to have better than average quality/value. Post #3 here lists them.

Post #2 here (and the links it includes) has amalgamated much of the information on the forum about children and mattresses and includes links to many mattresses that would give you a good idea about the types of mattresses that would be suitable for children of various ages.

In general children need thinner (they aren’t as heavy) and firmer mattresses than adults because they don’t have the same need for pressure relieving layers because they are lighter and have less developed bodies and they need good support for their more flexible and growing skeletal structure. I would also focus on more natural and/or “less risky” materials because their immune systems are still developing … especially when they are younger. I would also avoid memory foam completely for the reasons mentioned and because freedom of movement on a mattress and good ventilation and breathability is important for children as well.

Hope that helps


Fantastic. Will let you know what I find. Cheers!