Same mattress image - different brands

I’ve been doing some research on foam and latex mattresses and decided that DreamFoam is a good brand that I can get here in Canada and their Ultimate Dreams latex mattress is fairly affordable too.

I found a king-sized one on for just under $1200 Canadian here:

But at the same time I was looking through as they have a quite large selection of mattresses and ran into this model under the “Anew Edit” brand that I’ve never heard of:

Looking at the images and the product description, it seems to be the exact same mattress under 2 different brand names. A well-known one - DreamFoam, and an off-brand one - Anew Edit. Anyone know if this is some kind of a trick or is this actually the same mattress? I tried emailing Wayfair and DreamFoam but didn’t get any response from either. Hope somebody here might have more information.

Hi soap,

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Anew Edit seems to be a reseller (there are photos of quite a few different brands on their pages) through Wayfair. I’ll post back if I can find out more complete information.


Thanks Phoenix. Really appreciate any info you can uncover.
The price difference is no even that much - maybe a little over a $100.

I’m thinking maybe this Anew company is re-selling some DreamFoam mattresses but without the DreamFoam warranty.

Hi soap,

I confirmed that Anew Edit is just part of the Wayfair brand, which you may have figured out with some many different items on Wayfair being under than brand.

Be sure to check completely with Wayfair if you purchase a mattress through them, as the return/exchange policy/procedure can be quite different from ordering directly through a manufacturer.