Same mattress, same maker?

Looking at Tempurpedic alternatives. What is the difference between the Select Foam “Grandis-HD” versus the Angelbeds (Merrick Group) “Grandeur HD” versus the Sweet Dreams “Grandeur Park Place?” Are they all made by Park Place Corporation in North Carolina? Are they CertiPur certfied? Are they a good quality products for a 250-lb side sleeper with shoulder problems?

Hi 25red33me8,

Of the three retailers or manufacturers you mentioned … only the Sweet Dreams is made by Park Place to my knowledge.

In terms of the quality or layering of the materials … you would need to know the specific layers and their quality in the mattresses you are comparing so you can make more meaningful “apples to apples” quality/value comparisons. Without knowing all the layers of a mattress and the quality/density of the materials they use … it’s not really possible to make any meaningful comparisons. This information will generally be available on their websites or through a conversation with the retailer/manufacturer.

In terms of the differences in “feel” and performance … there are really only 3 ways to know how an online purchase will feel for you (or to compare them to other mattresses). There is more about this in post #2 here and some of the links to other posts it includes. In some cases a manufacturer has done specific “testing” to construct their mattresses with a well known brand as a “target”. In other cases these comparisons are more about marketing.

Most of the major foam producers in North America are members of the CertiPur program so if the foams used by a mattress manufacturer are made by these foam producers then they would be CertiPur certified. Of the 3 you mentioned … they are all likely using American foam which would be CertiPur certified but the only one I know for certain is using American foam from a CertiPur foam manufacturer is Select Foam (although the other two probably are as well and you could ask them when you talk with them).

Your higher weight would indicate a need for higher density foams which will be more durable (higher weights will soften any foam more quickly) so I would make sure that when you are talking to the manufacturers or retailers that you are considering (the ones you mentioned or any others) that you include questions about durability in your discussions. The better manufacturers will give you accurate information about which or their mattresses use more durable materials and I would tend to avoid memory foams that were less than 5 lbs density unless it was in very thin layers which would have less effect when they soften.

If you are talking with an online retailer or manufacturer that isn’t willing to provide you with more technical information about their mattresses and why one may be more durable than another for your circumstances (and talk more in terms of jargon or marketing information) … then I would work with someone else.

When you are working with an online supplier … you are completely at the mercy of the knowledge, experience, and integrity of the person you are dealing with and their ability to help you make the best possible choices. Post #21 here includes a list of the members of this site which sell mattresses online or “on the phone” and which I think highly of in terms of the value of their mattresses and their knowledge, service, and integrity. They are among the best in the country IMO.