Savvy Rest Bed Rug

Thanks to this website, and trying out a Savvy Rest Serenity 10" mattress over the weekend with their Vitality topper, we’ve decided to purchase the SleepEz 10,000 Natural Dunlop Latex mattress. My weight is 140 pounds, my husband is 212 pounds. We’re both mostly side sleepers / sometimes back. My husband has shoulder pain, so we wanted a more plush top. We really liked the feel of the soft top. It provided the pressure point relief we were looking for, but had enough support not to sink in too much to risk affecting spinal alignment. It was funny because the salesperson kept talking to me, but I kept checking my husband’s spine to make sure it was straight on every mattress we tried, and he checked mine. We purchased the following configurations.
3" soft 100% natural Talalay topper with cotton stretch cover
Soft/Med split - natural dunlop
Med/Med split - natural dunlop
Firm/Firm split - natural dunlop

Shawn was extremely helpful over the phone. I really like their return policy, free shipping, and 2 free latex pillows with their mattress purchase.

My husband is going to update our existing wood frame and add hardwood slats no less than 3 inches apart. My question is do we need a coconut fiber bed rug in between the latex mattress and the slats? Will the part of the bed that touches the wooden slats be susceptible to mold since there’s no air circulation under that area? Our bedroom is in our furnished basement, but we do run a dehumidifier in the summer. I see topics about using a bed rug with a plywood foundation, but nothing regarding a slatted foundation less than 3 inches apart. Thank you.

Hi Fox,

Thanks for letting us know what you ended up deciding … and I think you made a great quality/value choice.

Congratulations on your new mattress :slight_smile:

If your support system has a firm and evenly supportive surface with little to no flex and has good center support to the floor and the gaps are no more than 3" apart (or less) then there would be no issue with a lack of ventilation (or the mold and mildew issues that can result) in the part of your support surface that is in direct contact with the slats because the latex itself is breathable as well and you wouldn’t need the bed rug.

If the wood is unfinished and/or rough and has a chance to snag on the mattress cover then it may be a good idea to put some fabric in between the slats and the mattress to protect it.

I’m looking forward to your comments and feedback when you receive your new mattress and have had the chance to sleep on it for a bit.