Schneiderman Sleep Zone


Do you know anything about or have any thoughts on this bed?

We liked this bed and was wondering if we could get the 14" Aloe Alexis from brooklyn bedding to have similar feel?

Hi Smuscles,

[quote]Do you know anything about or have any thoughts on this bed?[/quote]

A mattress is only as good as the construction and design and the quality of the layers and materials inside it. Without knowing the specific details of all the layers and components inside the mattress there is no way to make meaningful comments about any mattress or make meaningful comparisons with other mattresses in terms of quality or value. The manufacturer doesn’t make any difference because this is just a label on the mattress … it’s always the materials.

This appears to be an innerspring/latex hybrid of some kind (although they don’t provide any information about the specifics or the materials) and this would have a different feel and performance than a latex/polyfoam hybrid. Even if it had a similar design though … any differences in layer thickness and ILD of the latex or other different materials or layers in a mattress (including the cover and quilting materials) would result in a different feel and performance as well. Without knowing all the quality and comfort specs of a mattress the only way to even “approximate” another mattress is with side by side testing based on your own perceptions.

I can tell you that Spring Air normally doesn’t provide the important specs of their mattresses and are one of the “major brands” I would tend to avoid unless the retailer you are buying from can give you the specific information you would need to make an informed buying decision or make any kind of comparison with another mattress.