Sealy Burnham. Thoughts?

We’re just starting to look for a latex mattress. A local retailer(Bernie & Phyl’s) carries the Sealy Burnham. We’re going to test one out tomorrow. Ahead of that, does anyone here have an opinion on this line? Thanks in advance.

Hi Swami,

If you look at the specs of the Sealy Burnham here (which they call a “latex” mattress), you will see that it has 4" of polyfoam in the comfort layers and just over 2" of “smart latex” and all of this is over a polyfoam support core. This hardly qualifies as a latex mattress and would be better called a polyfoam mattress with a little bit of latex in the mix. This is the reason that I normally avoid the major brands and developed the guidelines for mattress shopping that are in this article. If you did go in this direction I would at least make sure that you were paying much less than the Bernie and Phyl’s price and something closer to its value such as here.

Because this mattress has 4" of supersoft and/or convoluted polyfoam of an unknown quality in the upper layers (the weak link of the mattress) … I would tend to avoid it completely, but if you do purchase it I would at least make sure you paid much less and an amount that is closer to what it is worth.


I did a quick comparison of prices between B&P’s and US Mattress. WOW. Some big savings there.
You’re the MAN, Phoenix.
I thought the “ingredients” seemed a little low to my rookie’s eyes. I’m learning.