Sealy Crown Jewel

I have a worn out back and have had back pain on arising for years. I have slept over at my brother’s house on occasion and he has a Sealy Posturepedic Crown Jewel that seems to be just right for me. I awaken with no pain, refreshed and ready to start the day. Problem is Sealy doesn’t make that mattress anymore with the exception of their crib models. Can you advise me as to what mattress would most closely resemble the Crown Jewel? I’ve looked everywhere and all I get is the anxious salesman trying to sell me whatever will get him a good commision. Thanks in advance for your help.


Hi polram,

The only reference I could find on the web to a Sealy Crown jewel was a crib mattress.

Even if the layering was available though there are really only 3 ways to “match” another mattress with a mattress made by another brand (and I would never consider buying a major brand mattress anyway) and none of them would be possible or practical with a Sealy because they don’t disclose enough meaningful information about the quality and type of the materials in their mattresses to match them to another mattress except with side by side testing in “real time” (where your body will tell you which mattresses have a similar feel and performance).

They even make it difficult to match one of their own mattresses to an identical mattress sold at a different stores because the same mattress goes by many different names (sometimes several dozen) so that comparison shopping is difficult and each store can “claim” that they carry a unique mattress and not have to worry about comparison shopping. Some retailers will have a list of the different names and which ones match each other but again this is only effective if you are considering a major brand in the first place which I would avoid anyway. There is more about trying to “match” another mattress in post #2 here).

It’s much more effective to have a list of more objective standards (such as the list of “needs and preferences” in post #2 here) that is used to evaluate each mattress you test and “rate” each one with a common set of standards that you can test for more objectively. Testing mattresses using only more vague or subjective reference points such as “comfort” can lead to some poor mattresses choices (and this is exactly what many salespeople who don’t know any better will tell you to do). You could for example make a list of the of the qualities about the Sealy that you like and then test and “rate” other mattresses that use better quality materials (and will be more durable and have better value) on the same set of common “standards”.

There is a set of steps (including some links to some helpful information) in post #1 here that can greatly improve your odds of finding a good quality/value value mattress that matches all your needs and preferences and will help you connect with the better manufacturers and retailers in your area that can help you make much better choices.

Some basic research, eliminating the worst choices, and then connecting and working with the better manufacturers and/or retailers that are more knowledgeable and sell better quality and value mattresses will lead to much better quality/value choices that will met your needs and preferences in both the sort and long term.

If you let me know the city or zip where you live I’d be happy to point you to any of the better options in your area that I’m aware of.


I reside in the 16801 zip and the closest manufacturer I know of is Page Bedding in Johnstown,PA.

Hi polram,

You’re right that page Bedding is the closest one to you (at least that I know of) although there are a few others that are in the same general distance but a little further away. They are listed in post #2 here along with some of the better local possibilities in State College, PA.