Sealy Optimum Cava

Hi Kozyrox,

This thread and this thread are also from a forum members that either purchased or exchanged for the Cava and weren’t happy in either case.

I believe that the Cava is only available at Sleep Country in Canada and as you mentioned it’s not the same as the US models.

They don’t provide the density of the polyfoam so there is no way to make any meaningful comments about the supersoft polyfoam in the Cava,

In general terms though … polyfoam is a fast response material and memory foam is a slow response material so the feel and performance of each mattress would be different. Polyfoam is also less costly than memory foam in most cases (depending on the quality/density of each). There is nothing special about the Cava no.

Assuming the Opticore Plus is the same in Canada as it is in the US … you can read about the differences between them in the Optimum post I linked in my last reply. The Opticore Plus uses higher quality/density polyfoam than the Opticore. Quoted from that post …

The only reason I know this information is because there is one retailer in the entire continent I know of that lists it. It’s certainly not because it’s widely available and it’s not because Sealy willingly provides it to most of their retailers.

Brandon is one of the few cities that doesn’t have a list on the forum but the Winnipeg list here includes a retailer that has an outlet in Brandon which would be a good start.

Time permitting over the next few days I’ll take a look in the Brandon area and see if there are any others that seem to be better options that may help you and others that are in the area. I’ll post them in this thread as I come find them.