Sealy Optimum - REALLY??

We are in desperate need of a new mattress due to increasing softness and back issues. This will be our fourth mattress and we have always bought the main manufacturers - and suffered for it.

My husband is in love with the Sealy Optimum. Mainly because we had a fabulous Sealy posturepedic and because of the cooling factor. I love the cooling gel, and it was comfortable but it is just too new for me. We both liked the Tempurpedic Cloud Luxe but I’m afraid it will soften and be hot (even though they say they have improved that).

I hve read through many of your posts and I am in the Fleminton NJ area. Any recommendations would be gratefully received.

we are:
HIM - back/side sleeper - 185lbs - 6’0
HER - back/side sleeper - 200lbs 5’8

thank you

Hi cher333,

The first thing I would suggest is to read post #10 here which has a step by step process that can help you avoid most of the worst choices (like buying a major brands) that most people make and help you connect with the better manufacturers and sleep shops where you can get more accurate information about a matress you are considering and end up with a much higher quality and value mattress.

Post #6 here also has lots more information and links about memory foam and sleeping temperature so that you don’t get unduly drawn into the marketing hype or “story” that surrounds sleeping cool in every part of the industry these days. There is a lot of misinformation out there that is drawing people in to spending a great deal of money on a “story” rather than a mattress.

Some of your better options that I’m aware of within reasonable driving distance are in post #4 here.


I was looking at this mattress as well, but now am having second thoughts. Can you point me in a good direction as to where I may be able to find a better alternative locally? I live in Tupelo MS.

Hi bwilliams1848,

This article may help you eliminate most of the worse choices and help you focus on the better ones.

Unfortunately you are in somewhat of a no mans land when it comes to local manufacturers that are close to you. There is one however in Verona and after that the closest ones are all over 100 miles away in several directions … Local factory direct in Verona, MS. They make a range of innerspring and memory foam mattresses and a latex hybrid. I haven’t talked with them so I don’t know the specifics of their mattresses but they fit the profile of smaller local manufacturers who have been in business for a long time (over 40 years) that make better quality and value mattresses.

Post #57 here includes a manufacturer in Birmingham that I think highly of.

Post #2 here includes two manufacturers in Memphis and one in Meridian, MS and includes some other options in the Jackson, MS and Memphis, TN areas as well.

Some of the better local possibilities (and the brands they carry which I would investigate as possible sources of better value) include … Tupelo, MS. Jamison, Englander. Tupelo, MS. Jamison Fulton, MS. Jamison, Symbol

These will all need some initial phone calls along the lines of this article to make sure they are willing and able to give you the specs of any mattresses you test and like (especially including foam density in the case of memory foam or polyfoam) and to get a sense of their overall level of service and knowledge. If they are able to give you the information you need to make meaningful comparisons and seem to have good knowledge about mattress materials and are happy to give you some initial information on the phone, then I would pay them a visit.

Other than a longer drive or some research into possible better value locally, you may also want to consider an online purchase if the quality and value with some of the manufacturers listed in post #21 here compared to what is available locally here justifies the additional risk of an online purchase.