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I know I am using the S word but how about a spec. review on this mattress, on paper I think it looks pretty good and if one was to get a warranty replacement on another mattress would this be a good option, and if not what mattress in there lineup would be?
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Hi jege41,

To do this you would first need to find out all the specs which they don’t list and Sealy likely won’t give you. My comments and the questions I would need answered to make any meaningful assessment of the mattress includes …

PROBACK™ CoreSupport™:

12.7 cm (5-in.) soy-based density foam core: What is the density of this layer?
5.1 cm (2-in.) PROBACK™ CoreSupport ultra firm latex: Could be the Talalay that they mention but I would want to know for sure
PROBACK™ CoreSupport mesh: This is fine

Comfort quilt layers:
3.8 cm (1.5-in.) Supersoft™ StayTrue™ convoluted foam: What is the density of this layer? Convoluted is less durable.
1.3 cm (0.5-in.) Supersoft™ StayTrue™ foam: What is the density of this layer?

Deep down comfort layers:

7.6 cm (3-in.) firm Smart Latex™: This is the lowest quality/cost of latex (mostly synthetic Dunlop)
5.1 cm (2-in.) Supersoft™ soy-based high density foam: What is the density of this layer?

Overall there is too much polyfoam in the quilt layers not to mention the unknown quality/density of the rest of the polyfoam in the mattress along with their primary use of the lowest quality of latex for me to consider this as a realistic option. You would be making a blind purchase with mostly polyfoam and lower quality latex for the most part and paying more than it is worth IMO


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