Sealy won't disclose density of memory foam

Hello Phoenix,

This is a follow up to the thread where we were discussing the density of the Macy’s Memory Works mattresses made by Sealy which I have ordered.

I emailed Sealy to ask about the density of the memory foam in the comfort layers of the Memory Works Serena Plush.
And…they won’t tell me!! :dry: :dry:

On Thu, Jan 17, 2013 at , [email protected] wrote:

We do apologize but the density of the mattress layers is proprietary
information and can not be shared with the public. We apologize for not
being able to assist you with this information.

Thank you,

Sealy Corporate Consumer Support
One Office Parkway
Trinity, NC 27370

I also called them and was told the same thing.
I pointed out that this information should not be “secret”. When we buy a computer, we readily know the type of processor and when we buy a car we know the engine.
I said that I was not asking for a secret ingredient or anything. I was not asking where and how they make it and who their suppliers are or what any of their processes are. …I simply wanted to know the density of the foam in the comfort layers of this particular mattress that they make. I advised that I have no way to assess the quality of the mattress without this information should be readily available to consumers interested in their product.

They wouldn’t budge. I asked to speak to a supervisor and the supervisor at Sealy told me that the density of the foam used has nothing to do with the quality of the mattress. :blink:
She did eventually tell me that the density of the foam they use in their mattresses ranges between 2lb to 4.1lb.
Even though I gave her the specific mattress I was interested in, she said they use different foams in different layers. I told her I know that and that there aren’t that many layers in the Serena mattress and it would be very easy to tell me the density of the foam used in the layers…or ANY layer!
She would only say that the Serena is at the higher end of the line. Actually it is not, it is the mid-price range of the line.
Have to say I do not want to deal with or give business to a company that refuses to supply the most basic of information about their product.

I pointed out they had this information listed on their Canadian site for the recently discontinued Memory Works line. Why could they share that with the public not but share the information for the new line with the public.
Sealy replied the Sealy Canada is a totally different company and information on the mattress on there does not apply to the ones in the States. So…the same mattress, by the same manufacture, the same name…is totally different in Canada?? :whistle:

Sealy has left me with the impression that they are purposely withholding basic information from consumers. Seems sneaky to ask want you to pay for something with no way of assessing it’s quality.

Hi Strummer,

You have hit the same dead ends as I have in many conversations with some of the major manufacturers.

In my opinion … this is an example of some of the worst practices in the industry … but unfortunately typical of the majors who have no intention of disclosing information to consumers that allows them to make meaningful comparisons to other manufacturers.

In those few cases where through back door means you are able to find this information out (piece by piece in many cases) … it is clear that the quality of their materials is less than competing smaller manufacturers that they like to call “off brands” in an effort to discredit competing manufacturers who make better quality/value mattresses than they do.

I truly appreciate you taking the time to both email them and share your communications with us … and I hope that all the forum members who have any doubt as to their ethics and transparency have a chance to read it :slight_smile:

I couldn’t agree more! … and on principle alone this is not the type of company I would want to deal with or purchase from.

Thanks again


One must conclude that they are trying to hide the use of the low memory foam in the Memory Works line.
If it was high quality, they would be shouting it all over.

I would rather buy a low quality mattress from a company that just let’s you know what they are selling and who let’s the consumer decide if they want to buy that level quality or not…I have bought many things in my life that were of low quality…and was fine with it because I knew what I was buying and what my needs were and my price point was…and so made an informed decision.

Keeping consumers form making an informed decision is nothing other than trickery.

I hope there is a Sealy sales rep out there or former Sealy sales rep that would like to enlighten consumers??

Not that it would lead me to buy this mattress…because I avoid those I know who engage in “trickery”…but just so someone can tell consumers what is actually for sale.

I think what was most appalling is that the lied to me by telling me that the density of memory foam has nothing to do with the quality of the mattress.


Hi Strummer,

Maybe they should spend some time reading on the PFA (Polyurethane Foam Association) site … or any of the hundreds of other references to the relationship between polyurethane foam polymer density and durability that are available. (P. 6)