Searching for a mattress to no avail - Los Angeles area

I recently posted in the “Ask an Expert” section, but thought I would try and post here to see if anyone can help.
I have reached a point of desperation in a search for a mattress and have been sleeping on the sofa for a long time. I am in Los Angeles and believe I have tried every mattress manufacturer and store I can find.
Weekends as well as some weekdays are spent driving to out of the way places to see a variety of mattress companies, who tell me on the phone they can make or have a mattress that would suit me, only for me to discover they have the same things as every store nearby. They often have no idea about mattresses or materials.

Yesterday was the last straw. A manufacturer in a backstreet of DTLA did not know his cotton from his polyester.
I am looking for a basic old fashioned firm, mattress without the knit top that seems to be on every mattress these days. I cannot stand that knit tops and want something that is a basic, cool innerspring with bonnell coil and a cotton damask cover. Definitely no memory foam or latex.
FYI, I do not want to hear the words, “organic; moisture wicking, cooling technology, microfiber technology” or any similar trending terms that are used in mattress marketing today.
Please help because I really need sleep.
Thank you.