seattle area stores

We are shopping for a new mattress, live in WA stste, have been educating ourselves from info on this website, but would like to look, feel try some mattresses at a brick & mortar store. We think we want lstex. Any store suggestions in the western WA area?

Hi mbjamm,

Post #2 here should be helpful :slight_smile:


Thank you for such a comprehensive list and detailed information. We will be checking several these out. We are already realizing that most people dont know what questions to ask based on visiting just one store where the manager was a bit surprised at the specifics I was asking about.

Thanks again. :whistle:

That list is a blessing - saved me a lot of time and proved that I needed help. I have been to five of these places - landed with latex and love it. Twice! Some places are worth the drive.

Yes - it’s a blast to watch sales people change expression as you are proving to be informed - love it.

Thanks again Phoenix!

Hi Sally,

I don’t think that most mattress salespeople are used to consumers that are actually educated about mattresses and the materials inside them.

For the better and more knowledgeable salespeople … it’s usually a pleasure to deal educated consumers. For the salespeople that are less knowledgeable (which is most of them in the mainstream industry) … it can result in some eyes rolling, some “deer in the headlights” looks, or some very strange “off the cuff” answers even to some of the basic questions they are asked :slight_smile:


Hi Sally, any particular store you recommend for the best value latex mattress?
Thx, Mary