Seattle Matress Company Magnolia bed

First I have to say as many other visitors to this site have found, this place is such a great resource for mattress shopping. Phoenix you really do a great job!

I am curious if anyone has long tern experience with Seattle Mattress Company’s Magnolia bed? I would love a full latex bed but they our out of reach price wise for now. Here are the specs on the Magnolia, is this a good bed for the price?

13" Double-Sided, 2" Talalay Latex Pillowtop Coil Mattress
13 Gauge; 5 Turns; 6 Gauge Border Wire
1/4" Natural Fiber Fire Pad
1.5" Jump & Tack Quilted Cover
Pricing: $1149 for a Queen

Hi Buick,

You aren’t the only one that was/is considering the Magnolia (see post #4 here).

I would put it in the range of good value yes and with only 1.5" of quilting over the latex (probably polyfoam) it’s just in the range of being @ 1" that I would consider acceptable.

Of course this is about its quality/value and how closely it matches your needs and preferences for PPP (Pressure relief, Posture and alignment, and Personal preferences) is just as important as it’s quality/value but you can test for this in the showroom. If all of this looks good from your testing … I would certainly consider it to be one of your better choices.


Thanks for the reply Phoenix, I’m glad there are no obvious shortfalls in the specs. I will test drive it again and make my final call.