Second latex mattress gone soft!

Phoenix, I am going to trust your judgement and experience on this. I did move around on the bed to compare un-slept on parts of the bed with the area where I sleep and my conclusions came from that comparison.

Sean from My Sleep Nation got back to me and suggested I rotate the mattress to even out the break in. He even offered to come by to help me do it. This got me thinking of Sleepy1’s thread about fine tuning here Sleep-Ez after it broke in. She was having a similar problem and inadvertently solved it while swapping layers. I think her lesson for me is that the mattress breaks in fastest where we are heaviest and I either have to be more patient, or have to speed up the process where the mattress is unused or lightly used.

I haven’t rotated the mattress yet, but I did move the cats and slept in the center last night and woke up with less back ache. Hey I paid for the mattress, so the cats get whatever is left over. :stuck_out_tongue: I think I will spend some time on my knees on the bed today, not praying to the mattress gods, but softening the areas on the bed that don’t get much weight on them.

Once I have this mattress evenly broken in, I still may consider the Seven Comforts topper. I managed to cancel my original order for use with the Snowmass after you suggested I wait on it. I am wondering if it would help my shoulders when side sleeping by giving some extra pressure relief. I also think it would act as protection for the mattress without having to go with a waterproof cover. I am guessing that it would take a while for any spill or accident to work its way through the topper. I imagine I would lose the sensual, close to the latex, feel that the mattress has, but my shoulders might complain less. Your thoughts?

I will add that Sean’s service at My Sleep Nation was excellent. He is willing to do what it takes to make me happy and we spent time talking about a number of the mattresses he sells, different design advantages, etc.

Thanks for the response. Lew

BTW, could you change how my name is spelled. I didn’t mean to make all caps when signing up, but can’t figure out how to edit it.