Seeking Custom Sized SOFT Topper

I have a custom 84" x 84" latex bed that is horrible. It’s so firm my husband can’t even sleep on it. We paid way too much for this bed to toss it, so I’m looking for an alternative. Our weights are 125 and 220, so I expect we’ll need 3-4" of floof to soften the bed enough. I don’t know where to start…we’re not fans of memory foam or down. I’d love some advice on where to find a quality custom topper, ideally some hybrid of foam and floof?? I was poised to purchase a topper from Don’s when I found multiple poor reviews on quality and communication from them, so I’m not interested in their services. Thanks in advance for any guidance you can provide!

Hello, Nacnyford.

Can you elaborate on which type of latex your current mattress is made of? We use Dunlop in our workshop, which is very dense and resilient. We have a 2" mattress topper made from soft Dunlop that is great for transforming the top feel of any mattress. We wouldn’t have an option with latex + wool or cotton with loft, but we do have a 100 Night Sleep Trial that applies to our toppers so we’d welcome you to try ours. You can also give us a call if you’d like to discuss your exact needs in more detail.

Thank you,
Quality Sleep Shop & My Green Mattress

Hi My Green! I’m not sure, they had 4 firmness levels and sold us on the 2nd most “plush”, but it is still SO firm. The company that made it is NOT helpful in responding to my calls or emails, so I’m just going on what I remember from the purchase :slight_smile:

I’m not sure 2" would be enough, given the weight of the sleepers…I’ve been looking for 4" to create a super plush feel. Our previous bed was an ultra-plush pillow top, and it was divine. That’s the feel we’re trying to replicate. Can the 2" topper get us close?

The nature of the Dunlop being so dense supports larger frames without bottoming out like a foam or “foam-like” topper would at such a smaller profile (2"). If you were going with foam, 3-4" may be required because it compresses so easily. I’d be willing to bet our 2" Dunlop latex topper would make a big difference!

Thanks for the advice, I may reach out for pricing info. I’m just very wary of latex now and ideally want to find a pillow-top style topper :slight_smile: Something to just sink into.

You might love a nice thick wool topper – many of our customers do! The don’t do as much for pressure point relief, but will give you that nice “cloud like/sink into” feel. Just remember they do need a little more care than latex.

Our organic latex topper will definitely give you a pillow top feel without sacrificing support. A wool topper will give you more of a puffy luxury top feel, but will definitely not assist in cradling your hips and shoulders of a side sleeper.

I was just told by the chat agent on your website that you don’t make custom sizes. Can you confirm? As I mentioned, my bed is 84x84.

Sorry for any confusion. We did not notice that you have 84" of width as well as length. We were assuming you had a Cal King. Unfortunately, we do not have any latex pieces that would be that wide.