Seeking feedback on Croft Foreverbed mattresses

Hello! I’ve been wanting to buy a new mattress for far too long now, but with how complicated it seems to be to find a quality mattress that will last, I never commit because I want to know I’m getting something good for the price tags I’m looking at. I am based in the Kansas City area, so I looked on this forum and found some dated recommendations on places to look. I ended up going to a place called Orman’s Furniture and he showed me around to a few mattresses. One that stuck out to me was called a “Foreverbed”, by Croft Mattresses. Unfortunately, they only had a single Foreverbed model in store. But fortunately, Croft Mattresses has storefronts in the Springfield and Joplin areas, and I have family in those areas, so over the Christmas holiday I made a point to go to a store and lay in some. I couldn’t find any mention of Croft or the Foreverbed on this forum, but I also found out that Croft was formerly called “Joplimo”, but they rebranded with the intention of expanding to more areas. There are mentions of Joplimo on this forum, but I was hoping for something a little more recent.

And I think it’s worth noting that while they planned to expand… they did briefly have a store in Kansas City, but it has already been closed, most likely due to the pandemic. I make note of it only because they promise a lifetime warranty, but that only matters if the company stays in business. I’m willing to give them the benefit of the doubt with the pandemic, but I still note it.

So there were two mattresses that stuck out to me in the store. I am a back sleeper primarily. I’ve found that if I ever flip to my side or stomach, that means I’m either having trouble falling asleep, or its first thing in the morning and I’m about done sleeping. So with that, the mattresses I liked in the time I laid in them in the store are…

Foreverbed Origin Tranquility -
Foreverbed Elevate Brilliance -

I found the Tranquility mattress more comfortable in the time I was in the store, but I’m not sure if it was $1000 more comfortable. It’s been over a month since I was in the store but I believe the major difference between the “Origin” and “Elevate” lines is that Origin uses some sort of “Nano Coils” and the Elevate might be all foam. This is where my confidence starts to fall apart a bit in the mattress hunt, there’s just so much to look for… so hoping for some help here. If no one has experience with this particular mattress, I would at least like to hear if the selling points look good/honest/accurate.

Also, they gave me a quote and gave a substanstial discount on the Origin, so it started to feel more like haggling to buy a car. I have no idea what something like this is actually worth. Do these prices seem “fair”, or is there a target I should aim for? They are advertised as made-to-order and made local, so that’s pretty nice I guess.

I’m including a couple pictures here from a material tag I took in the store, hopefully it is helpful. Or if there are good questions I can pose to them, I would appreciate guidance on that as well. Thanks for your time!


Hi KPureblade.

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Thanks for the background! Sorry I don’t have any personal experience with this brand and that there isn’t anything recent in the forum.

At first glance, that price disparity can likely be attributed to the 3" Alpaca fleece which is definitely considered a luxury fiber.

I’d also check the fine print. Warranties tend to cover much, much less than we assume. Anything they can attribute to ‘abuse’ of the mattress by the consumer will likely not be covered.

Since you’re dealing with a local manufacturer, they’re likely more open than a huge mass brand to offering a discount or throwing in a freebie. If it starts to feel gimmicky or they start offering a massive discount like 40% off, that’s a red flag and probably means they’re very much over-pricing their product to offer a ‘fake’ discount that lands them well within a healthy profit margin.

As for whether the pricing is fair, that’s quite subjective. You can most definitely find a similar mattress that doesn’t use blended specialty foams for a much lower price.