Seeking Quality Manufacturer

I came across your website a few weeks back and have deferred buying a mattress until I can understand what constitutes a quality mattress. I would like to avoid the major brands as they often do not represent value. I must admit, though that I still do not understand what constitutes a quality mattress. I prefer non-memory foam; although would consider a high quality manufacturer. I live in the New Jersey and am looking to purchase a quality mattress in the $1600 - $2600 range. Can anyone recommend a manufacturer that they’ve done business with and have experienced excellent customer service with? I appreciate the help.

Thank you,

Hi QualityMattressSeeker,

If you let me know the nearest city to you or your zip code I’d be happy to point you in the direction of any better outlets that I know of in your area (a whole state is too big an area for me to make suggestions).

You are certainly taking the best first step IMO by avoiding major brands and chain stores and looking for local manufacturers and better sleep shops.