Seeking reputable mattress companies in the Seattle/Tacoma area

Hi marshmallow,

Post #13 here has more about the most important parts of the “value” of a mattress purchase that can help you decide whether any mattress purchase is “worth it” to you.

I think this would be a very good idea. I would also keep in mind that between support/alignment, comfort/pressure relief, and your more subjective preferences of “feel” that the “feel” is by far the least important because you can only “feel” a mattress when you are awake and the two main functions of a mattress (posture/alignment and pressure relief) are both much more important parts of the quality of your sleep when you are asleep. Some of the “feel” of a mattress can also be changed relatively easily with various mattress pads or toppers.

With your weight most knowledgeable manufacturers or retailers would normally recommend a more costly mattress because it would likely use higher cost but better quality and more durable materials that would be more suitable for your body type. If your budget is more restricted and you have no alternative ways to finance a mattress outside of in store financing (which isn’t actually “free” but is part of the purchase price) then I would be clear when you talk with them on the phone that you are looking for the “most suitable, highest quality, and most durable mattress available” inside your budget range and make it clear that you understand that none of them are likely to be as durable as a mattress that was in a higher budget range but that this was a tradeoff that you understood and were willing to make. This way they would be better able to tell you whether they carried any mattress that would “fit” your criteria with the understanding that you were comfortable with the durability tradeoff. After these types of conversations then you could decide whether to visit them based on your conversations. In effect you are doing the same thing with the Epic (choosing a mattress that is less durable and isn’t as likely to last you very long) except you are financing it and it’s in a much higher budget range relative to the quality of the materials and where the length of your financing may very well be longer than the useful life of the mattress.


Hi Everyone, although the Restava mattress may be good, their fulfillment is TERRIBLE and they charge your credit card immediately and then pass you off to a “white glove” delivery service (in our case Non Stop Delivery in Tampa) that postponed delivery repeatedly and NEVER SHOWED UP THE THIRD TIME.

I would urge everyone to shop elsewhere as Restava has yet to return a call or email regarding this matter.

Hi bjlowell,

I’m sorry to hear about your experience with Restava and your delivery issues are certainly unfortunate.

While the problems with your delivery company are beyond Restava’s direct control because they involve another company that they have no control over … they certainly should be able to follow up on your behalf and help resolve any delivery issues so it’s important that their customers are able to reach them easily when there are situations like yours or that they return emails and phone calls in a timely manner.

I don’t know what is happening with the difficulties you have had in having them return your calls or emails but I certainly understand your frustration and there are also a few others that have had similar experiences as well. I’ve switched your post into a different topic where these and some other issues concerning Restava are currently being discussed so that others that are considering Restava will be able to read them as well.

Thanks for taking the time to share your experiences … even though they weren’t the best. I hope you have the chance to let us know what happens once you are able to connect with them and resolve your situation.


Thank you for your response, but our issues are no where close to being resolved at this point.

Restava has contracted with a third-party for delivery and accepted money ($200) directly from us, e.g. Non Stop Delivery did not accept any funds for this transaction directly from us. We had no option to select a reputable delivery service, so they lock you into this situation–and then provide no support when things “go south.”

From a transaction perspective, we were charged immediately for the product, although it took several weeks to even get a delivery date scheduled and that was after we had to repeatedly call the delivery company because the link in the email Restava sent us did not work (when we called Restava we were advised to just wait a day and check the link again.)

We have filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau (I noticed there are unresolved claim against Restava) and have turned this matter over to our attorney. We will let you know when this is resolved… but given this company’s lackadaisical approach to customer service, it could be a while.


PS, this was a curious response. It appears that mattress suppliers may have paid subscriptions to this site which contradicts the notion of an unbiased site for consumers.

Hi bjlowell,

I’m not quite sure what you mean by “curious” since I hope my reply has made clear that I understand your disappointment and share your concerns. This was part of the reason that I switched your post to this topic so that others could see that your concerns are shared by others and are not unique to you.

As to any “biases” that exist on the site, this is a question that I encourage about any source of information on the internet and has been asked on many occasions by other members as well or by others that have “challenged” the neutrality of the information provided here. I think that questioning the credibility or accuracy of any information that is involved in any major purchase is always a good idea.

The two articles on the front page of the site talk about my “biases” and the reasons for them but in a nutshell my biases are towards manufacturers and retailers that are knowledgeable, experienced, and transparent and provide better quality, value, and service to their customers regardless of their membership here.

There are currently 37 business members of this site who have been invited and agreed to become members, paid a membership fee, have agreed to provide a discount or a bonus to consumers that are members of the forum that purchase a mattress from them, and who pay referral fees on mattresses that the members here purchase from them. You can see the membership list here and the page you linked shows what they agreed to and the referral fees they pay when they became members of the site. These are the members who share the goals, ideals, and values of the site and support the time and effort it takes (about 12 - 16 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, for over 3 years) to do the research, provide the information, answer questions, and run the site so that people can benefit from the information that is provided here. It goes without saying that any project of this size and scope wouldn’t be possible without a source of income (no matter how much of a “labor of love” it may be) and in some ways the source of income is very similar to the BBB which is also a private business which depends on subscriptions to support the site and the services it provides.

The difference is that membership here is by invitation only because there is no advertising allowed and to become a member they need to meet certain criteria. The business membership here also represents only a small percentage of the mattress purchases that the forum members here have made as a result of the information on this site because I “point to value” wherever I see it regardless of their membership here in the hundreds of local forum lists throughout the forum that identify the better options and possibilities I’m aware of in almost every area of the US and Canada. Over time some of the better manufacturers or retailers that are currently included in the local lists will hopefully be added to the membership as well. The site started with 8 members and has slowly grown over the years but I have turned away many more requests for membership that didn’t meet the criteria (including some of the largest retailers in the industry) than I have invited to become members.

The goal of the site has always been to provide information about “how” to choose a mattress that provides the tools and information that will make the quality and value of a purchase self evident so that each person has the knowledge and information to be able to assess the quality, value, and suitability of a mattress purchase for themselves based on their own unique criteria regardless of what anyone else may prefer or recommend. It’s the difference between helping the members here know “how” to choose vs telling them “what” to choose based on preferences or criteria that may not be relevant to them (or the difference between giving someone a fish or teaching them how to fish). There is more about how and why the members here are invited to become members in this article and in post #5 here and post #2 here and in post #2 here.

Post #4 here and post #404 here has more about the history of the site and how and why it came into existence.

This article has more about the values, goals, and ideals of the site.

As you can see … membership here is a form of recognition of what already exists and while the members here are “among” the best in the country there are certainly many other sources of great quality, value, and service throughout the industry that has always been included in the information that the site provides in the hundreds or even thousands of forum lists and replies throughout the forum (many of which may also be invited/choose to become members here over time as well).

In the end … I am happy for any of the members here to use the help and information that is provided here in any way they find helpful or beneficial and I encourage every consumer to decide for themselves on the accuracy, relevance, objectivity, or bias of any site they use to help them in their research and the purchase choices they make.


Tarpon, no sagging on the ivory so far

So, almost August!

It’s been 2 months since I tried to get information from Restava, and 1.5 months since Pheonix made his first attempts.

For me, I feel like I have to resort to the simplest explanation. They have something to hide, and no answer is better than either lying or telling the truth.

I have no problems to report in my 1.5 months of using their mattress (including what i felt was a good purchase experience), but that is somewhat irrelevant. The main purpose of this site (at least IMO) is identifying quality mattresses that will hold up for years. Comfort can be fleeting, and it will be a long time before it will really be apparent if this mattress is worth the money compared to all the other great options I had.

I feel like this is a giant unknown. The construction information (on the tag) at a minimum had minor discrepancies with their advertised construction. It could just be minor, or much much worse, but who knows… Months of asking has not helped…

My question is why exactly is this company recommended, and will it stay as so? My research shows only a couple second hand posts that mention construction. How did they exactly get to be respected enough to be a member? And with such poor communication that currently exists, doesn’t that defy the notion that they are “transparent”, which seems to be a big part of being a member?

Even if they were verified at some point, companies change, who is to know they did not change materials to save a buck? They certainly have done nothing to gain confidence…

I will be honest, I regret my purchase and wish I went with one of the 2 other options I was considering. Simple as that.

Hi SoCalSleeping,

I completely agree with your sentiments and it is taking much longer than it should for them to be able to provide the information about the issues that have been raised in this thread that a consumer would need to make an informed choice.

I sent them another email yesterday after talking with them on July 11th when they told me they would get back to me “quickly” with the information I needed to clarify the issues in this topic.

Their foam densities have changed since they were first included as a member and it seems that their level of communication has changed as well since this certainly isn’t typical of my experiences with them when they first became a member. I should also mention that the changes that have been made may not be “insignificant” because it seems clear that at least one change has been from 2.5 lb polyfoam in their base layer to 1.5 lb polyfoam. While this may not affect durability for some people … it would certainly have an effect on durability for others … especially if they are in a higher weight range. It would also affect a customer’s ability to make meaningful comparisons between mattresses.

While they are still listed as a member here … for the moment they are NOT recommended and I would encourage the members here to wait with any purchase from Restava until the issues that have been brought up in this topic have been clarified which is why I added a caution to their listings here and here (which are the two lists that are linked in the tutorial post) that links to this topic.

I don’t take inviting a member to become a member of this site lightly and in the same way I don’t take removing a member lightly either and this wouldn’t be a “quick” decision when there are so few great choices in the industry as a whole but I am certainly not happy with their lack of communication or some of the issues and possible discrepancies that this topic has brought to light and if this continues much longer then I would certainly need to take the next step up from a “caution” and reassess their membership.


Well it’s refreshing to hear others frustrated regarding Restava’s customer service and lack of transparency. I am currently waiting to order a mattress from them until we hear more. Most likely, we’ll be moving on from them.

Back to the drawing board for the 3rd time, but good things come to those wait.'im really just looking for a med-firm memory foam bed that will be durable for years. I like the rhapsody a lot after testing it, so at least I have a baseline:

Thank you everyone for your continued support in this frustrating decision making process lol

It’s kind of comical/sad to think that I probably will not have any resolution to these questions within the 90 day “return” window, if ever.

Has their customer service just imploded, and they won’t even answer the phone? I have not even bothered since Pheonix has had no luck.

Hi SoCalSleeping,

I did talk with their customer service yesterday and told them that I had been trying to reach Sophie and Mike (who is the one from the factory that was supposed to find out the answers to the issues in this topic) and they said they would pass on my message to call me to both of them. I still haven’t heard back from either one.

While I try and stretch as much as possible to give people the benefit of the doubt … I have to say that this is becoming more than frustrating.

I left a voicemail with one of the owners of the licensee factory that makes their mattresses today so hopefully he will have some insights about the changes they have made and more importantly why the communication has been so poor.


Hi All,

I finally talked with Mike a few minutes ago and he told me that their specs are still not finalized and that they would be finalized by Sept 15th. I also shared my frustration about the lack of communication and he also apologized about the long delays although I don’t feel good about what basically boils down to “all businesses have their challenges from time to time” as the reason. He also gave me his contact information so that I could reach him directly in the future since my previous contact was “non responsive”.

Once the details are finalized at the factory he will let me know the density they are using in all their layers but it’s clear that they are lower than the 4 and 5 lb memory foam that they were using and that the base layers will be lower as well.

I would hold off on any purchase there until the new specs are finalized and I will update this topic as soon as I know what they are.


Hi Pheonix. Long time no post, lol. Sorry about that. Well I have some bad news. I purchased the Serta iComfort Epic Directions mattress and it felt COMPLETELY DIFFERENT than the one I laid on in the showroom, and the one I laid on in the showroom was brand new and had not been broken in yet. Still loved the feel of the one in the showroom. Anyway, my mattress felt like a completely different bed. Super uncomfortable and unsupportive. Tossed and turned constantly. Bought it from US Mattress so I couldn’t return it. So I exchanged it for a different mattress, a Simmons Beautyrest. Feels a little better, but I am still uncomfortable and toss and turn all night. Turning over in bed is a major undertaking. It takes me about 20-30 seconds to completely turn over. Its exausting. You mentioned that I might need a firmer bed and I think you are right. I originally purchased a Bed-in-the-Box bed and I returned it because it felt too firm. But even though it felt too firm, there were some major pluses about that mattress. 1) It was super easy to turn over, I could turn over with minimal effort and within about 5 seconds. 2) I could sleep in the same position for a long period of time without feeling the need to turn over. I think you are right: I need to get a mattress that I NEED as opposed to a mattress that I WANT. Now I’m 3k in the hole. Can’t make another exchange with US Mattress as they only allow 1 comfort exchange. So I am back at square one. Thinking of repurchasing the “too firm feeling” Bed-in-a-Box mattress because that one fared the best out of all of the mattresses I’ve tried. I haven’t ever had this much of a problem finding a comfortable mattress before. When I was 300lbs I tried a mattress at the store, bought it, and it was the most comfortable mattress of my life for about 5 years. However since that time I have gained another 100lbs and I guess that extra 100lbs is making a big difference regarding being able to find a mattress that feels comfortable to me. I have made healthy eating and lifestyle changes and am loosing weight, but it is a slow process and it will be a long time before I shrink down considerably. Anyway, I wanted to update you on my situation. Sorry it wasn’t good news. I really wish I had an extra 5k lying around and could afford to go to one of the local brick and mortar stores in my area that you recommended. Thats about the going price for a quality mattress made of quality materials for a person of my size.

Hi marshmallow,

I’m sorry to hear about your experience … but I appreciate the update.

Depending on how you tested the mattress in a showroom (besides just testing for subjective “comort”) … a mattress can feel different when you sleep on it over the course of the night than it did in a showroom. Memory foam can also be affected by temperature and humidity so if the temperature in your room is different from the temperature in a showroom this can make a difference as well. Some of the other things that can affect how a memory foam mattress feels compared to a mattress in a showroom are listed in post #2 here. If you have gained 100 lbs then this would also have a significant effect on how a mattress feels and performs in terms of PPP as well and the quality and firmness of the materials that you would need in your mattress.

As you probably know, I wouldn’t consider any of the mattresses you you mentioned in your post (either the Serta, the Simmons, or the BIAB) because none of them use high enough quality materials that would be suitable for your weight. Even if they were “perfect” when they were new the risk that they would soften and break down much too quickly with your weight would be much too high.

If you are comfortable with an online purchase then there are many mattresses available to you that use much higher quality and more durable materials that would be a much more suitable choice. There would also be more suitable choices available to you locally that are also much less than 5k (or even half of this) as well.


Hi Pheonix, I am considering an all latex mattress now. I have contacted the AZ Mattress Company, Sleep EZ, and Flexus. I am going to try out some latex mattresses today in showroom, to see which one feels best. Then I will ask about the configuration and have an online retailer configure the mattress for me. That would be the cheapest way to go.

Are there any other online latex mattress retailers that you would recommend? I would like to explore all of my options. Thank you.

Hi marshmallow,

The tutorial post includes this link to a list of the members here that sell mattresses online and 15 of them make all (or mostly) latex mattresses that use all the different types and blends of latex and have a wide range of designs, options, features, return and exchange policies, and prices.


Hi Pheonix, Well, I took the plunge and ordered a latex mattress from Sleep EZ. I’m super, super excited about it and can’t wait to recieve it. Other than a brief 4 month period, I haven’t had a good nights sleep in almost 4 years. I toss and turn all night, every night. I remember telling you that I strongly hated the feel of an all Talalay Latex mattress (still do), but I’m so glad I decided not to give up on latex completely and give it another try. Dunlop has an entirely different feel, not as springy and bouncy, and feels like it has less pushback than Talalay. Dunlop feels more supportive to me. Anyway, Shaun at Sleep EZ suggested that I try a Savvy Mattress in-store as Savvy has a similar 3 layer construction and feel to Sleep EZ latex mattresses. I tried about 6 different combinations in-store, and soft Talalay on top, medium Dunlop in the middle, and firm Dunlop on the bottom was the magic combination for me. I felt my whole body relax and all I wanted to do was go to sleep. I am done with memory foam. It sleeps too hot, no matter how cooling the seller claims the foam is is and no matter how much “cooling gel” is in the foam. Plus, since I’m a large person, I generate more body heat than a slender person would. I am looking forward to a cooler, more comfortable nights sleep. Shaun was very honest and straightforward with me and let me know that because I chose the soft Talalay as the top layer of the mattress, that top layer would need to be replaced every 3-5 years, which makes sense. Due to my excess weight I am going to put a lot more wear and tear on that top layer than an average person, so I will wear it out more quickly. I don’t at all mind having to replace the top layer every few years. It will be much better than having to replace the entire mattress, plus comfort is much more important than longevity to me, so that is a sacrifice I am willing to make. Shaun has been selling latex mattresses for over 30 years and he has dealt with many overweight people before. I was relieved to hear that his heaviest customer was about 650 pounds (so glad I’m not the heaviest)! Anyway, there are a couple of things I wanted to let you know. I know you are very knowledgeable about mattresses and I wanted to share with you some experiences I had with a couple of other latex mattress sellers that you recommended. I do not want to come across as harping on them at all. If I come across that way, please let me know, and I will gladly edit this post. The reason I want to bring this to your attention is because I think some additional “beducation” might benefit these sellers with regards to recommendations they make for larger customers. I know you have a good repor with them and they would probably highly value your input/suggestions/feedback. At any rate, I spoke with Henry at Flexus, and also with Greg at Arizona Premium Mattress. Both stated that I needed a thicker mattress (another 3 inch layer of firm Dunlop on the bottom). Both also stated that as long as I had a thicker mattress, the top layer shouldn’t wear out or need to be replaced. When I asked Greg if he was sure about that, he actually admitted, “Well I don’t know for sure, its just a guess. We don’t normally deal with people as heavy as you are.” Believe it or not, I was not at all hurt by that statement. He was being honest and I appreciated that. Shaun from Sleep EZ explained that an additional 3 inch firm layer on the bottom really wouldn’t affect the life or performance of the latex mattress, or somehow make the top layer last longer, which makes sense, since my body isn’t even going to come into contact with the bottom layer(s). I think it is a possibility that Henry and Greg might need some additional guidance when it comes to mattress recommendations for larger customers. Again, it is not their fault. It sounds like maybe they just haven’t dealt with a lot of larger customers before, and knowledge is usually gained from experience. Anyway, I will keep you posted on things! My mattress should arrive sometime early next week! Fingers crossed that I will finally be able to get a good nights sleep after 4 years!

Hi marshmallow,

It sounds like you did some good testing and I’m glad to hear that you made such a good decision … and congratulations on your new mattress :slight_smile:

I’m looking forward to your comments and feedback when you receive it.

As far as your other comments … online recommendations, suggestions, and guidance are as much an art as a science and it’s very common that different manufacturers and people will have different opinions and suggestions for the same customer. For most people there won’t be a specific “best” mattress and there will be a range of different mattress designs that will be a good match for their body types, sleeping positions, and preferences. Outside of their body type and sleeping positions … the range of mattresses that will be suitable for each person will also depend on their sensitivity where they are in the range between “princess and the pea” and "I can sleep on anything. Post #8 here discusses this in much more detail.

Ken who is the owner at Arizona Premium (Greg is his employee and doesn’t have the same experience) and Henry at Flexus both have decades of experience with latex and I have a very high regard for their judgement just like I do with Shawn at SleepEZ. I certainly wouldn’t be giving any of them any “lessons” … even if they had different opinions about something … when they have many years more experience working with customers than I have. I have learned a lot from all of them over the years.


Good to know that Greg and Henry might not be “wrong” but just have differing opinions on what mattress would best suit my needs. I can’t remember if it was Henry or one of his employees who told me that he has been selling latex mattresses since 2004. Its possible that Henry sold latex with a different company prior to Flexus, hence the “decades of experience with latex” you referenced in your previous post.

I checked your link and I think I am more of a “princess and the pea” type, which would also explain why I’ve had such trouble finding a mattress that feels comfortable to me. My excess weight could be playing a part in that as well.

Also, I wanted to thank you so much for your previous post which included the link with the listing of various different online latex mattress sellers, it was so nice having such a wide selection to choose from.

I guess I decided to go with Sleep EZ not only for the price, but also because what Shaun said seemed to make the most sense to me and his advice and suggestions resonated a bit more with me.

No need to reply. I will update you on my new mattress after I have slept a few nights on it. Have a great day Pheonix, and thank you again for all of your help.