Select Foam - Cirrus Supreme

After spending a good bit of time testing and researching mattresses the wife and I found we both liked the Tempurpedic Cloud Supreme Deluxe. This mattress is a gel/memory foam mattress. The thing we did not like was the price.

I spent a lot of time on this site reading and asking questions. Phoenix was great in taking the time to answer everything.

After research and talking with both Brooklyn Bedding and Select Foam I decided to go with Select Foam. It basically boiled down to price. I felt that I was able to get the same quality mattress for less money.

We were moving from a queen mattress to a king and I was trying to juggle the delivery of both a new bed and the new mattress. The old bed was an expensive top of the line Stearns & Foster Pillow top (both top & bottom were pillow tops so the mattress could be flipped). The mattress was on a metal frame with a headboard and was not the most stable. You could definitely tell when someone moved.

The bed arrived first and it was of course made in China. Unfortunately it was not made by the A team or even the C team. It is stable and looks good assembled but the quality leaves a bit to be desired.

I also ordered a St. Dormeir mattress protector, Bamboo Sheets, and new Pillows to go with the new bed and mattress. The Bamboo sheets are very soft. However the ones from Costco do not appear to be of the best quality and maybe going back. I am having issues with them fraying at the edges after a single wash on delicate.

Select Foam was a little slow in getting the mattress shipped. Not a huge delay but a couple of days longer than expected. However once it was in FedEx’s hands it arrived very quickly. When I arrived home one day I found a very large box in front of the garage. The box was torn at the top. It looks like someone tried to use the top to man handle the mattress and ripped into the box. The mattress had 2 layers of plastic and there were no marks or damage to the mattress so all was good.

It took me several days before I had the time to assemble the bed but on Friday I finally had time to get everything together and unwrap the bed. The first thing I noticed is that the bed was rolled up facing the wrong way to inflate. I had to flip it over and provide an initial helping hand to get situated correctly.

After several hours I made the bed. When first going to bed I dropped onto the edge. Very noticeable difference between the innerspring and memory foam mattresses. The innerspring had a bounce to it the memory foam you just kind of stuck.

I started off reading on my back and unlike my old bed I experienced no back pain. This was a good sign. Also as I moved around in bed everything was very stable and no movement was transmitted. This being a function of both the mattress and the new platform bed.

I also noticed that I slept cooler than I had with the pillow top. I am not sure how much of this is the new mattress and how much is due to the wool mattress protector vs. the old cotton one. Regardless this was another positive sign.

I have been sleeping on the mattress for 5 nights now. I do not wake up with any pain or discomfort in the morning. I also think I feel a bit better rested. However I think I toss and turn more than I did on the old mattress. I fall asleep easily but staying asleep is a challenge (this is nothing new). Compared to the Tempurpedic in the store this mattress is a bit firmer. I am not sure how much of that is due to it being a new mattress, having sheets & a mattress protector, and simply differences between the mattresses. I am giving the bed more time to break in and hope it softens up to the point I was looking for.

My other “issue” with the mattress is that it appears to be a bit narrow. My last measure came in at ~74". Which exposes more of the platform than I would like. The platform is 76" so I expected the mattress to cover edge to edge. To be fair this is a bit of a rough measure - no straight edge was used and the mattress may have filled out some more. However in eyeballing the mattress it still appears on the narrow side. This may be within specs for the mattress and bothers me more than the wife. I do not know how many people would notice and of those that did notice I am not sure how many it would actually bother.

I have not contacted Select Foam about the width of the mattress. I want to be sure of the mattress size before I decide whether or not to mention it to Select Foam. I also want to decide if this is the mattress for me or if I want something a bit softer.

The wife has yet to sleep in the new bed. She recently had surgery and has been sleeping in another room on a queen pillow top.

Overall I am very happy with my experience with Select Foam and would not hesitate to recommend them to others. Although I do have the caveat about the narrowness of the mattress. If we decide the mattress is too firm I will be speaking with Select Foam about trying another of their mattresses. Given my experience I would rather stick with them than go elsewhere.

Thanks for the detailed writeup of your experience with Select Foam. I am almost settled on their Cirrus Supreme and it is very helpful to hear a real world account of the company and product. Did you have any issues with smell when you initially unwrapped the mattress?

Thanks for the detailed review. I’m expecting my Cirrus Luxe any day now and this makes me feel even more secure in my purchase.

I too will post reviews when it arrives.

No issues with out gassing.odors.

When you remove the heavy duty outside layer of plastic the mattress will begin to inflate despite another, thinner layer of plastinc being present.

Make sure you have the mattress on the bed before you unwrap it. It is not a big deal to adjust but I am not sure I would want to deal with moving the mattress through the house once it is inflated.

A friend with a Tempurpedic commented how much his bed “loosened” up after a bit of time. So fingers crossed that once mine softens it will be just right. If not I am thinking the Cirrus Luxe maybe the way to go but would look to advice from Select Foam.

I will post updates on my experiences.

As I have continued to sleep on the mattress it has started to soften up a bit. I have been making use of the size of the King mattress and have been sprawling across the entire mattress and not sleeping in a normal, specific “spot”. So the mattress may not be softening up as quickly as normal. I can tell the difference between where I have been sleeping and where I have not been.

The wife would like a mattress a bit firmer and I would still like the mattress a bit softer. With the differing opinions I am thinking this mattress is going to be the one we stay with.

I continue to be happy with the mattress and the experience overall. There is no buyers remorse.