Select Foam Financing

We’re looking into getting a Select Foam bed. If our current mattress wasn’t destroying my back so badly, we’d wait it out and save up our money, but we’re pretty desperate to replace it quickly. We recently applied for financing with Select Foam but have received zero correspondence regarding whether we were approved or not. Does anyone know if its safe to say that if we haven’t heard back, that we were declined? Like when you ask someone on a date and don’t hear back from them? I’m feeling rather let down right now hahaha. Has anyone had experience with their financing that could chime in?

Hi JRsmallz,

I personally wouldn’t assume anything if something is important to you and I would call them to find out for certain.


You need to call them (Select Foam) I financed as well. As soon as I called peter looked into it and need was ordered that day. It’s through a seperate company (GE) and I didn’t get an answer right away either