Select Foam Regalis and Mattress Protector

Hello All,

I received the Regalis roughly ~3 weeks ago and while I enjoy the comfort level I have noticed that I am sleeping very hot. We happen to also be going through a bit of a heat wave where I am so I paid little attention to it. Last night I realized that I had read (on here) that mattress protectors can have a huge impact on “breathability”. When I purchased the Regalis I also purchased their waterproof mattress protector which was a Leggett & Platt Platinum and immediately put it on when I received the mattress.

As a test last night I took off the protector and low and behold found the mattress much cooler and comfortable. I started doing my research on alternative protectors I see that the St. Dormeir gets recommended highly around here but stumbled upon this on the Select Foam website:

Dupont COOLMAX® Cover keeps you Cool and Comfortable To add an extra layer of comfort, we build the Regalis HD™ with a special fourth-generation cover. This Dupont COOLMAX® cover feels like silk and whisks away moisture to keep you comfortable throughout the night. Working in conjunction with the SELECT-HD™ foam and the Airflow Chamber, the Dupont COOLMAX® cover ensures you will have the absolute coolest sleep possible. The cover is 100% machine washable and has a high-grade zipper for easy removal.

Do I really need a protector if the mattress has this cover already (that is removable and washable)? I am having a difficult times finding any details on the Select Foam warranty details. Here is their 20 year warranty but on the Reglias page it states lifetime warranty.

Any input/experiences would be helpful.

Hi thebob6,

A mattress protector is usually important to protect the warranty because even a small stain on a mattress usually voids warranty coverage and of course it’s also easier to keep a mattress protector clean and hygienic than the mattress cover. As far as I know though (and you may want to confirm this with them) … Select Foam doesn’t void warranty coverage because of stains on the mattress and because their cover is washable a protector would be less important.

A wool mattress protector like the Dormeir can certainly help with regulating temperature but it will also have a larger effect on the feel and response of the mattress than no protector at all or a thin “membrane” type so in the case of your mattress, sleeping without a protector at all … as long as you are careful about “accidents” … can be an effective option if it doesn’t void the warranty. It will certainly have the least effect on the feel and response of the memory foam and will also have much less affect on the performance of the cover itself. If you use natural fiber or viscose fiber sheets then you would have the best of all worlds (synthetic sheets can also affect sleeping temperature). You can read a little more about the factors that combine together to affect sleeping temperature in post #2 here. It’s usually a combination of several factors that leads to people sleeping warmer on their mattress so sometimes even eliminating one of them can make a significant difference.