Select Foam Regalis for heavy person?

I’ve been searching for the right memory foam mattress for what seems like a thousand hours online! Select Foam was attractive in that it seems to have the highest density of foam that I’ve seen. Select Foam has a video on You Tube stating that the Regalis is appropriate for those heavier among us but hearing conflicting reports on this board. I am a stomach sleeper (and no we are not abnormal at all!! Have slept in the same position since I was a baby) and husband is over 250lbs. Would the Regalis be appropriately firm enough? I wasn’t sure if I should go Coutour/Conform or Rhapsody/Regalis. Any information greatly appreciated.

P.S. Kind of put off by hearing about less than stellar customer service from Select Foam as well-product looks good though :unsure:

Hi callie,

The quality/density of the foam layers are certainly suitable for higher weights.

Quality/durability is a different issue than PPP (Posture and alignment, Pressure relief, and Personal preferences) though so I would do some careful testing on the Tempurpedic Rhapsody which it is based on to see how good a match it is for both of you. I would also make sure you have a more detailed conversation with them on the phone that includes the results of your testing on the Tempurpedic Rhapsody before you decide that the Regalis is the best “match” for the two of you (see mattress firmness/comfort levels in post #2 here).

Their regular customer support staff are great to deal with and very knowledgeable and helpful. The issues they have had with customer service have been connected to some of the occasions where there have been some issues that needed to be dealt with after a sale and the owners (not the regular customer service people) have been involved and are sometimes difficult to reach, slow to follow up on their commitments, and have overpromised and underdelivered. As frustrating as this may on the occasions it has happened (and it needs to improve) … it isn’t connected to the quality or value of their mattresses or the customer support provided by their regular customer service staff.


I certainly can test a Tempurpedic, that is a great idea, thank you! Also thanks for replying about customer service. The comments I saw made me wary. Given the reported quality of their products, they aren’t listed on other reviews such as Sleep Like the Dead which was surprising, so I appreciate the confidence boost.

Well…I caved! Mattress Firm made me an offer I couldn’t refuse for a Tempurpedic. $1650 for the Contour Signature and foundation combined-plus a free high tech pillow and free shipping/set up.

Thank you for your help! Your sight helped me to know what to ask and as the sales guy went on and on, I knew to lay on the mattress without bracing myself to really see how comfortable it was-funny how much we do that without realizing it!

Your site is invaluable, thanks for all you do!

Hi callie,

What size was the Tempurpedic you purchased? Was it new?

Based on the price you paid something doesn’t sound quite “right” here.


They said they had new, outlet (used for trial period or delivery/refusals) and several floor models that were still boxed and waiting for other stores to open. I was assured that this was one of the new floor models that was brand new but that they are trying to sell off. Hope I can trust that!

The salesman said the outlet price would have been higher.

Hi callie,

I hope you can too … but I’m not sure I would. It may also be worth checking the date the mattress was manufactured (it will be on the law tag) and I would also be aware that floor models or demonstration units have different warranty terms and if they are customer returns then they won’t have a warranty at all.