Selectfoam Cirrus Luxe

After being sucked in (glad we have been educated) we are leaning towards buying the Selectfoam Cirrus Luxe. Currently with the free offer of foundation it makes it around $300 more then its counter part at Brooklyn Bedding. Hoping its worth it!
As for the foundation, is the one that comes directly from the retailers website fine or should I do more research on that part?
Also does the frame really matter?
Thanks for all the help in choosing a mattress. Who would have thought there was this much to think about.

Hi texag04,

Just to remove any sense of urgency … the “standard” sales at Select Foam are rotating and never really end … they just change in the details. The Cirrus Luxe is certainly a good choice for those who have tested the Tempurpedic Cloud Luxe and their testing indicates that it’s a good match for them in terms of PPP (Posture and alignment, Pressure relief, and Personal preferences).

The foundation offered by a manufacturer is usually suitable for the mattresses they sell and the one sold by Select Foam is no exception. There are also others that are similar KD foundations (and in some cases have smaller gaps between the slats) in the foundation post here which would also work well.

The bedframe is an important part of the sleeping system and is the part that supports everything else (the foundation, the mattress, and the people on the mattress). I would make sure it has good center support to the floor (with at least two legs) and legs that don’t bend or collapse when you move the bed. Most of the major bedframe manufacturers make steel bedframes that will be fine but in general I would avoid the cheapest versions which can be weaker and not as well constructed. If you (or the mattress) are in a heavier weight range then I would look at more heavy duty frames.

If you plan to use a headboard or footboard I would make sure that it can be easily attached to your bedframe. Some headboards are bolt on and some are use a hook type clip on (which may need an adaptor) and some frames don’t allow for a footboard to be attached if you are considering one.

There is a good video here about choosing a steel bedframe.


No urgency, just at the point we were confident enough to order. Thanks for the tips, will look for a steel frame.


What made you decide on the Cirrus Luxe over the BB Cool Luxe bed? They were both high on my list, but I am leaning towards the Selectabed Tri-Pedic Diamond.

Tri-Pedic Diamond

With the same accessories and shipping, the Selectabed is the most expensive out of the three. However, it is the only one that does not use a gel foam in the comfort layer. The Tempur-Cloud Luxe does not use the gel foam, so I am not sure if I want to take the chance over the long term with gel.

I like the Select Foam return policy because it includes free shipping in both directions, while the Selectabed does not.

KR Texas