- misleading trial period promises?


Longtime lurker, first time poster. :slight_smile: I really appreciate all the excellent information here. It has been a huge boon as my husband and I are trying to pull the trigger on a mattress decision very soon–it’s been a few months of research coming to a head!

I was intrigued by the endorsement of here by Phoenix. Hubby and I have had a Tempurpedic mattress for about 4 1/2 years and it developed big indentations (over an inch an a half), partly due to hubby being a hot sleeper and surely him being hot and sweating as he sleeps helped to speed a breakdown of the memory foam. It is covered under warranty, and we were considering upgrading to a Rhapsody (we are currently on a Classic), but it would mean now being into a mattress for over $4000–one that another in their line broke down in under 5 years, mind you…

So we have been researching possible alternatives, and from the reviews and descriptions is seems like people feel the Regalis is pretty darn close to the Rhapsody. And their marketing claims it is cooler than Tempurpedics <–wow big plus for us! I was getting excited at the prospect of taking them up on their 90-day no risk in-home trial, and started to compile information to discuss with my husband. But then I read further…

At the bottom of the Regalis product page it says:

“Only Select Foam offers a 90 day trial period on Mattresses, with Free Shipping Both Ways; that’s right, if you are unsatisfied with your mattress for any reason, we will pick it up at our cost and refund your full purchase price. We’ve removed all the risk from trying our mattresses, an offer your local store would never run.”

“Free shipping both ways” implies to me FREE shipping. Refund full purchase price also implies FULL REFUND.

But when I read the page on their 90-day trial (a ) it reads:

“Refund will be given within ten business days of Select Foam receiving the product back, minus the original shipping expense. Shipping costs associated with the order are the customers responsibility.”

and then further goes on to say

It is the responsibility of the customer to cover all return shipping expenses of the unwanted Select Foam product.

And then I put on the brakes hard. How can they say on the one hand that shipping is free both ways and you get a full refund, and then on another part of the website claim that the customer is responsible for all return shipping, and that your refund will also be docked the original shipping from your purchase price? No risk?! Free both ways? Huh? Sounds like I would be paying for shipping BOTH WAYS!

So in short, I was very interested in their products, but this double-speak is making me wary of trusting their business. I understand that this website has a personal relationship with the SelectFoam people, and I hope I can get an honest, unbiased response as to why this reads as it does. Because right now, I don’t think I am being unreasonable to feel like it is misleading, bordering on shady.

Thanks so much for the resource! I look forward to hearing from those with experience with the company and can clarify (and yes, I wrote them a mail as well, but hopes this would spark more general discussion of their products and business practices which might assure me.)

Hi Clotho,

I looked on their site and the Regalis description is the only place it mentions this.

I’m not sure if this is something specific to the Regalis or something that should have been changed on the website but wasn’t.

Either way … the 90 day trial policy on the Regalis page is clearly different from the description in their 90 day trial description page and on all the rest of their models and I’ll ask Matt about it to find out which is correct for the Regalis (I’d assume that the regular 90 day trial where a customer pays for shipping both ways in the event of a return is correct for the other models).

Thanks for bringing up the discrepancy … I’d never noticed it and I’m sure that Matt will also want to correct either any incorrect descriptions on the site or at least clarify which models the “free shipping both ways” applies to.


Hi Clotho,

I talked with SelectFoam today and they confirmed that the free shipping in both directions applies to the Regalis only for the moment.

They are instituting a test program for free shipping both ways and the Regalis is their “test mattress”. Their return rates are very low which gives them the confidence to test this change in policy without a corresponding increase in price.

Hope that clarifies the seeming contradiction which is actually a benefit for those who are looking at this specific mattress.


This is to confirm that Select Foam is now offering Mattress Underground visitors free shipping both ways. All customers will be eligible for this within the week.

Thank you,
Matt Byrd

Hi Matt,

That’s good news for the forum members … thanks :slight_smile: