We just purchased a mattress from and wanted to post a review to help others in the future. We purchased the King size Regalis-HD 12" mattress. My main reason was the density of their foam. I am famous for making “pockets” in my mattresses and I wanted something that would be durable for a long time. This is the reason I did not opt for a I-Comfort or the Sealy Optimum. They don’t disclose the weight density of their foam. I decided to call the company instead of ordering over the internet as I had some more questions that were not clear on the website. I left a message to have someone call me (I’ve never been able to get a live person when calling - but they do call you back). Peter called me back and was very helpful with all of my questions. After all my questions were answered I went ahead and placed the order for the mattress. After thinking about it for awhile I decided to call back and add a foundation to the order. I received the email acknowledgement and was told it would arrive in 5-10 days. After 10 days I placed a call to find out if they had any tracking information on my order. They called back the next day and said there was some confusion on the order and that the foundation should be arriving in a couple days, but the mattress would be another 5 days. So after about 20 days from the time of my original order, we had our mattress and foundation. The foundation comes disassembled, but is quite easy to assemble. Also, they give you a free 1/2" ratchet type wrench, so that was a bonus! We put the mattress on the foundation and opened the plastic and before we could get the plastic off the mattress had already expanded to almost full size. Luckily we had it on the bed in the right direction because these are pretty heavy. We got our 9 piece bed bundle with it (actually 7 piece, because we didn’t receive the pillow protectors) and put all the sheets on. The first night we slept on it was good, however it is a very firm mattress. If I had the chance to test their products in a store I probably would have selected a slightly softer model, but that is what you have to live with shopping online. It will probably take a few nights to get used to, but my wife and I agreed that we both like it. It did not miraculously cure our back pain overnight, but I think we both felt slightly better than our old mattress. Aside from the shipping issue and the missing pillow protectors I would have to say it was a good experience and we’re happy with the mattress. Since it is still brand new, I will come back from time to time to update our experience further. Hope this helps anyone looking for a mattress.

One other note: The advertise that their “sale” ends on a certain date of the month, but once the date passes they start another one so don’t feel pressured to buy before the end of the sale date. I don’t see anything wrong with this, but just wanted to give you a heads up.

Hi Roockindaddy,

Thanks for taking the time to write such an informative and detailed review :slight_smile:

I’d also love to hear how the mattress is working for you after 3 months or so when the initial break in period and foam softening is completed to see how it feels in terms of softness/firmness then. It can be a good idea to choose a memory foam mattress slightly firmer than you think you will want because of the initial break in period (and various floor models of the same mattress may also be different depending on how old they are as well and how much they have broken in).

I also hope that you are following up with your missing pillow protectors because the fulfillment company that ships their bed bundles seems to have some issues from time to time and not only is it important IMO that you receive everything that you are entitled to but they need to know about any missing items in what you receive as well so they can fix any delivery or fulfillment issues.

Your comments about rotating or ongoing sales are also right on the money IMO and while it is often used as a marketing tool … it isn’t a “real” sale in most cases.

Thanks again for your feedback.


OK, it’s been a full week now and I wanted to provide an update. This was our first memory foam mattress purchase. We’ve slept on inner spring mattresses all our lives and we are both around 50 years old. I’m about 200lbs and my wife is about 115 lbs. The foam mattresses definitely take getting used to. After a week on it, I was finally able to sleep through the night last night. As mentioned in my first post, it was quite a bit firmer than I anticipated and that took awhile to get used to. It feels a little softer than the first few nights, so I’m hoping that trend continues during the break in period. We are using the mattress protector and that actually has as much to do with the adjustment as the mattress itself does but we have to use it. (We have small dogs that we allow to spend time on the bed, and although they are housebroken we don’t want any accidents on our brand new 2000.00 mattress.) The mattress protector has a soft top, but a plastic like bottom that is somewhat noisy when you move. As far as back pain goes (which is the main reason we bought it) I feel the mattress companies probably overstate the healing properties of their products, but I will reserve final judgement on that until we’ve had it for longer. I’ve heard people mention a smell that comes with foam mattress, but we didn’t have any smell at all. It also does not feel “hot” like so many people mention. I really like the pillows that came with it. Those are the best part so far. I will come back after a couple months to give another update. Hope it helps.

Hi Rockindaddy,

Thanks for another great update :slight_smile:

I agree that a mattress itself doesn’t have any “healing” qualities although if it provides good alignment it can certainly help prevent the types of pain and discomfort that comes from sleeping on a mattress that doesn’t “fit” the alignment needs of a particular person. This is more about the layering and construction of the mattress though rather than the specific type of materials that are used. While a mattress may not have any inherent healing properties … a mattress that isn’t suitable for the body type or sleeping positions of a particular person can certainly “cause” discomfort and pain regardless of the material and a mattress that provides the pressure relief and alignment that a person needs can also help provide the more neutral and relaxed environment and deeper sleep that can help the body to heal itself.

I’m looking forward to your feedback after the initial breakin and adjustment period is done (usually 90 days or so).


It is fantastic to have updated reviews on any product, I hope you continue with that. It’s also great to hear Positive reviews regardless, mostly people do negative reviews just to vent. The more positive reviews that can be read, the more customers for the good products out there.

I want to respond to your back problems specifically. I had a lower back injury back about 20 years ago, one that required six months to get rid of. They never really go away, but can be maintained.

The back injury exacerbated a couple of old injuries from an auto accident. I started to have ear infections, which got pretty bad. I never had ear infections as a kid, so this was new territory. At any rate, after whittling through 2-3 chiropractors I didn’t like, I found two that I loved. One is also a certified acupuncturist, the other I now go to every 4-6 weeks just for a quick maintenance adjustment.

My back problems have been held in check for years now. No ear infections, no chronic pain. I also know that when I do put additional strain on my back, it corrects itself and recovers very quickly. When I don;t go for the maintenance visits, it takes longer for my back to get back to normal.

Everybody’s back is different I know. But it’s been an immense help for me, and for the approximate $400 a year I spend, great value as well. Another thing that’s helped my back is that 5 years ago, I took up bowling for the first time. The reverse action of throwing a bowling ball has helped some of my back problems (which I was worried about the opposite), and greatly helped both my elbow tendons and bad right shoulder.

No bed can counter the effects of aging, but exercise and routine adjustments can make our older bodies feel a lot better. Now if I can get rid of this extra bowling ball I call my stomach, I’ll be really happy :wink:

Thanks for giving our products a try. It often takes a little while to get used to sleeping on a new mattress, especially when it is of a different type than you were previously on. I apologize that you didn’t receive your bed bundle imediately. We are just about to start shipping those products from our factory directly, which will eliminate that problem.
To avoid any noise with the protector, please make sure it is tightly tucked underneath the bed.
You have a Trial Period if the bed doesn’t work out for you.

If you would like a different mattress protector, we have others available depending on your specific needs. Email me at mattbyrd @ if you’d like to discuss further.

Thank you for your input, and happy holidays!

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It has been about a month & a half since we got the new mattress and it is still hard as a rock. I weigh 200 lbs and I barely sink in and my wife weighs 115 lbs and says it feels like sleeping on the floor. She is the one that likes firm mattresses but this one so far is just too firm. After many emails to the company I gave up ever trying to receive our missing pillow protectors. I even wrote an email to Matt as he suggested above asking about the procedure to return the mattress for something softer and never got a response. So my experience with is that they are great before the sale, but non-existent after the sale.

Hi Rockindaddy,

Thanks for your ongoing updates :slight_smile:

The Regalis uses higher density foams (8 lb and 5.3 lb) and one of the advantages of higher quality materials is that they will change and soften less than lower density foams (and any softening will take much longer). Some of the Tempurpedic mattresses that also use higher density foams (the Tempur HD memory foams that these are designed to mimic) are like this as well and there have been many cases where they have taken several months to soften to a point of comfort.

Of course the mattress may also be too firm for you (even after the initial softening and adjustment period) and may not have been your best choice in terms of comfort in which case the free return policy they have will allow you to make an exchange for a softer mattress or in the worst case refund the mattress. This is one of the benefits of online manufacturers or retailers that offer this and can reduce the risk of making an online choice that isn’t what you need or prefer.

I’m not surprised that you wife with her lower weight feels like the mattress is too firm with 8 lb memory foam in the top layer and a softer mattress may be a better choice … even though she prefers firmer mattresses.

This of course is certainly not good service (no response to emails). I would also suggest though talking with the company directly on the phone about both the missing items in the bed bundle and the procedure involved in an exchange or refund. They are often much easier to reach than Matt himself and in my experience they are very responsive and helpful on the phone … especially if there is an issue … and you will be able to resolve both problems much more quickly. I would make sure you include in your conversation that you have tried unsuccessfully to reach Matt through email about both issues.

Hopefully you will be able to talk with them on the phone and both of these issues can be resolved quickly and you can report better service and results in your next update.


Hi Rockindaddy,

Did you call them?

I talked with them (both Matt and their 800 number) about other things and brought your message up and they are as eager to resolve both of your issues as you are.

Matt was surprised about any emails he hasn’t answered because while he gets at least 100 or so each day … he looks through them carefully for any that require his immediate attention. I would also suggest adding a cc with any email to him to one of their emails here just as a backup for any missed emails (going to spam folders or any other reasons that it may have been missed).

A phone call though is probably the fastest way to solve any issues (and of course leaving a message if you don’t get through immediately which sometimes happens when they are in a busy period).

I’d love to have an update with outcome of your conversation with them and of course hopefully to hear that any issues you have have been resolved or at least are well on their way to a resolution.


Thanks for this great review. I was just about to purchase the Regalis HD because I liked the Rhapsody Breeze.

Did you test any Tempur-pedic beds before you purchased the Regalis? If so, how does it compare?


Hi Dr. Venkman,

Sorry if this post is too late. I don’t check in very often. I couldn’t remember the specific Tempurpedic model to compare, so I went to the store again today to refresh my memory and try them again after I’ve been sleeping on the Regalis. The Rhapsody Breeze is definitely much softer than the Regalis. The closest I found to the Regalis was the Grand Bed. It was almost as firm as the Regalis. I hope this helps.

Update: Matt finally emailed be back asking when a good time to reach out to me was, and I told him he could call me anytime or email me anytime. I haven’t heard back so I went ahead and called in to the toll free number today (finally got a breather at work) and spoke to Peter who originally sold me the mattress. I told him that we’ve been sleeping on it a little over 2 months now and that it is still too firm for us. He suggested we wait a little longer to see if the mattress softens up more and/or he said a topper might solve the problem. He spoke to his manager and said they would give us 50% off the price of a topper and that should solve the problem. I don’t disagree that it could solve the problem, but even at 50% off it would still mean a minimum of $150.00 more to solve the problem. I didn’t really want to spend more money, but it might be a better solution than the hassle of returning this mattress for another one. We have a couple more weeks to decide.

Hi Rockindaddy,

I’m glad you finally talked to them :slight_smile:

The Regalis has thinner layers of higher density memory foam (like the Rhapsody) and there are many cases where it can take several months for the foam to soften to it’s longer term feel so waiting longer is good advice IMO. This would be particularly true if this is your first memory foam mattress. This is because higher density foam is more durable and more resistant to softening … even during the initial break-in period. In other words it can take longer to get to the longer term feel of the mattress but it’s also a side effect of using higher durability memory foam. Many people who sell Tempurpedic HD mattresses for example recommend walking on the mattress evenly across the surface for a few weeks to help it go through its initial softening period a little quicker.

The topper would be a good option if the initial softening doesn’t reach the point that you are comfortable with … and getting it at half price is better yet IMO.

Did you ask them about the missing pillow protectors in your bed bundle … it would be nice to see a resolution to that as well.