SELECT-HD™Regalis-HD 12" - any information on foam used and ILD?

I am trying to get information on materials (foam mfg, ILD, etc.) used in SELECT-HD™Regalis-HD 12" mattress - but they have not responded to my request. Anyone knows?

Thank you

Hi aooysgelt,

Select Foam has most of the “quality specs” on their site but the only one they are missing is the density of the polyfoam base which is 2.1 lbs. All their foam is American made.

Hope this helps.


Hi. Don’t know if you’re still interested in a memory foam bed or if you’ve went in a different direction. We’re here to help you out with any question you may have. I do not have an explanation for why you were not emailed back; I do apologize however.

Let me also say that if there is anything that you’d like to have in a mattress that we currently do not have, we will custom make your bed (within reason of course) at no additional price increase. I recommend having a consultation with us first to make sure that what you are customizing is correct for you, then we can move forward knowing we are achieving what your desires/needs are.

You may reply to this thread, or you may call us at 877-362-6123, or you may chat OR email mattbyrd [@]}