SelectFoam - Ordered Sept 5th - Still not shipped!

What a Joke this company is. I cant believe I bought into this forums recommendation. Hopefully the mattress lives up to the buzz.

I hope selectfoam is reading this!

Ordered September 5th and Im still waiting for it to be shipped. I have called numerous times and they keep telling me “It will ship today”, “its shipping in two days” “we were so busy from the labor day weekend sale”, “Im sending an email out right away to get it shipped to you today”


They said they received 100 orders on their labor day weekend sale. Your telling me a company cant make 100 matresses in 13 days?

Then they tell me “we telll our customers to give us 10 days to ship”. I never read that anywhere when checking out.

Im starting to believe the BBB complaints and now having my doubts if they will uphold the warranty if anything goes wrong.

Not sure how much I trust a company that constantly lies and only has 1 customer service rep.

BTW they still havnt given me my 5% discount and they charged my card a week ago

Hi tmushy,

You must be kidding me … are you for real or were you put up to this?

They actually tell their customers 10 business days … not 10 days … which is on their website here and is their standard shipping policy. I’m sure the sky will fall or the world will end though if they take a few days longer when they go through a busy long weekend.

You are actually not entitled to a 5% discount because you weren’t a member here when you placed your order (this is your first post) although they may decide to give it to you anyway. I guess you didn’t read that either.

They also have more than one customer service rep.

I’m not sure whether to laugh or cry when I see posts like yours … but Select Foam is certainly not the joke here.


Hello Phoenix
I actually came back to this thread to thank you for your phone call to them to help get this sorted out.

Yes I am serious and yes I was a member when I placed my order. Just because I didnt post doesnt mean I didnt read this forum when researching a mattress.

I think its a bit rude for you to insult your mattress forum members, especially since you probably get a percentage of my mattress purchase (which is completely fine with me).

The fact is: I was lied to constantly about my delivery times. If I was told a specific date much later than expected and it shipped on that date, then I would be fine with it. The fact that I kept getting the run around is what motivated me to write the post.

Hi rmushy,

Membership on the forum and the discount requires a single post on the forum and the post you made was your first one. Most manufacturers don’t check to see if your mattress forum status was upgraded from “new poster” to “member” so they would provide the discount anyway but it’s not part of the agreement they made when they became members.

I speak the truth as I see it and your post was way over the top and too reactive. It was an attack post that had no reasonable basis or reason behind it because their normal shipping date hadn’t even arrived. It was closer to character assassination than a description of the circumstances or even delays in your order. There are others who have made similar posts with what I consider to be unreasonable criticisms where I have been just as direct and made similar responses. Post like yours are not what I consider to be reasonable when they include accusations or allegations that have no basis in truth. The forum posts here are listed on google and I have no intention of allowing these types of allegations or comments that can cause undue harm or are inflammatory to go unchallenged. There are other places where people are free to vent and say whatever they want regardless of the “tone” of their post … but this isn’t one of them and I don’t take kindly to posts like these.