Selectfoam Regalis HD Comparison

Hi all and thanks for all the wonderful info! I’m considering pulling the trigger on a Selectfoam Regalis HD 12" mattress but am a bit nervous ordering online without giving it a try. I did lay on some Tempurpedics recently and really liked the Rhapsody Breeze. Can anyone who has tried both fill me in on your experience as to how they compare? Thanks and I’ll be sure to update about my experience and pay it forward. It is so great to have a community that discusses the facts as well as their experiences!

Hi taobass,

I don’t have any personal experience with the Regalis so I can’t give you my own subjective impressions but hopefully some of the members here that own one will see your post and share their thoughts and feedback.

In the meantime … post #9 here has more about the different ways that one mattress can “match” another one that can give you a frame of reference. In most cases when a manufacturer is comparing one of their mattresses to one of the Tempurpedic lineup you will find that it would be similar in terms of pressure relief and support but may vary in terms of “subjective feel”, design, or the quality/density of the materials.

Because these types of comparisons are so subjective and because memory foam is also affected by environmental conditions such as temperature and humidity, the length of time it is compressed, and whether both mattresses you are comparing have been broken in, you will generally find a wide range of opinions about how closely one mattress matches another and it normal with these types of comparisons that some people may say they are very similar and other will say it’s different (and I’ve read feedback that say both on the forum).

Because of the short term nature of subjective memory you will also find that some people will even notice differences between the same mattress that they test or sleep on at different times or in different conditions or depending on the age of the mattress.

While other people’s feedback can certainly give you some insights about how others perceive the comparison, I would also keep in mind that your experience may be quite different which is one of the reasons that a good return policy may be an important part of your personal value equation so you can assess the mattress based on your own experience.