SelectFoam Review and Peter Guerrero

Hi all,

I spent lot of time researching here on the site before finally purchasing a Cirrus Luxe from Peter at SelecFoam. I must say I highly recommend him and his truly cares about his clients and went above and beyond for me.

My story starts by shopping and getting a basic comforpedic bed at Raymour. I didn’t really do much research except pricing online to find that they are all national set prices.A day after I ordered i did some more searching and came across this wonderful forum! I realized I wasn’t getting anything for my money so I decided to call up and cancel, which was somewhat annoying because 3 people tried to save the deal (I can respect the salesman trying to save his deal but they tried to exhaust me) .

After a lot of time spent on here i decided to order a SelectFoam. (Also after spending time at Sleepys on a cloud temperpedic cloud supreme). I spoke with Peter cased on reading his name here on the forums. He was very friendly and asked me questions to ensure the bed was a good fit for me. He actually convinced me to upgrade to the Luxe model based on the questions he had asked me and suggested it would be worth the extra money in the long run,. I agreed. I also ordered an adjustable base with the bed.

The adjustable base was going to be delivered standard delivery and then i was going to put it together myself. The delivery company called and wanted to setup for delivery. I happened to be working everyday late that week since my partner was out of town. I told the delivery company i need until the following friday (that was on a Wednesday they called) They said there would be storage fees! I emailed peter, and he said he would take care of it. Now i was able to have someone home the following Monday (sooner) but they wouldnt be able to help get the adjustable base inside. Peter worked it out with the delivery company for them to get the base into my apartment (nyc co-op building) without assistance from anyone. The day of delivery in the morning i get a call from trhe delivery company saying I HAVE TO provide help help or they can’t get the base in. Now granted my other half that was at home is not going to be lifitng anything, so i tell them i can’t guarantee there is help there. I contact peter and he gets right on the case.Long story short the delivery never came through and i was very upset. I wanted to just cancel all of it at that point (it was a monday, stress from work, and this issue to top it off) . Now Peter did try and do everything in his power to make this right and coordinate with the delivery company.

Peter knowing i was very upset and wanted to cancel had his boss Juan reach out to me. Juan was also friendly and understanding, he let me vent without interrupting me. I stated while i still would like a bed the whole situation upset me. I also decided since it was such a hassle I didn’t want the adjustable base anymore. He worked it out where he would take the adjustable base back with NO restocking fees (which was wonderful, since their terms do have on on shipping bases, frames). He also sent a foundation right out to me and I was sleeping on my new bed by that Thursday.

Peter and the staff at this company are excellent to deal with and went above and beyond. Its when there is an issue that you truly find out how a company / salesperson is to work with. They all tried to help me , and did ! I know have my SelectFoam Cirrus Luxe with a regular foundation and so far I am very happy with it (had it close to a week now).

I will check in after 30 days to see if the sleep has improved after the break in period, but I already feel better! If anyone has any mattress needs at all I highly recommend reaching out to Peter at select foam , he will give you a great mattress at a fair price but most of all he cares about getting you the right mattress and a good nights sleep.


Hi nycevan,

Thanks for taking the time to write such detailed feedback about your experiences with Select Faom. I appreciate it :slight_smile:


Not a problem, this site helped me find SelectFoam and make a what i feel was an excellent purchase for my mattress. I figured I could give back to the community providing feedback on my experience. Thanks for all the great information, I still have much to read here on bedding, etc.