Selling Queen Latex Foundation for $120 (pickup only near Spokane)

Hi y’all! My experiment with latex mattresses didn’t work out for me. I’m selling my lightly used (few weeks) queen sized slatted foundation. I paid $275, added $100 of lumber to decrease the space between slats, and am asking $120. It is located in Cheney, WA near Spokane.

Phoenix, I hope this post is okay. Feel free to delete it if not.

Hi Koala,

It’s absolutely fine. I would suggest that anyone that wants to contact you use the private message system of the forum instead of revealing contact information in public for the email “harvesters” to gather.

I’m sorry to hear your latex mattress didn’t work out for you. If you are comfortable with posting about it … it could be really helpful and educational to let the forum members know some of the configurations you tried and the “symptoms” connected with the changes. While latex can be a great material … nothing fits the preferences of all people and I think it could be really helpful to share some of the challenges you faced.

At least you have some good experience in mattress research for whatever is next.


I’m insanely busy, but I’ll try to do that when I have more time :slight_smile: