Semi permanent waterproof mattress cover

Thank you for the information on this forum. I have a very specific need. I will be purchasing a new mattress for a large condominium complex that is used for nightly rental; it will be maintained by a management company who is supposed to have a mattress pad under the sheets. Sometimes this does not happen (it’s a fact), and accidents happen. I want to protect my mattresses with a fully enclosed waterproof (zippered, or other means) mattress cover.

This will stay on the mattress. The maids will simply add a mattress pad and sheets on top. when they forget to put on a mattress pad, it is still protected. I need something very durable and if possible, does not make excessive noise. I’m willing to pay dearly if it will protect my new DreamFoam mattress. What are my options? Please only stick with products that are durable and reliable (does not rip easily, or easily removable). I visit the condo every few months so, it needs to be somewhat robust since I cannot be there more regularly. Keep in mind that the maids are lowly skilled laborers who will remove it if it is like a sheet.

Any help with product recommendations and links is greatly appreciated.

Hi tim1198,

There is more information about mattress encasements in post #2 here but if your goal is to provide waterproof protection to the mattress and not “water resistant” protection or protection against dust mites or bed bugs then I would use one of the membrane type encasements.

All of them are very similar and use similar membranes and the choice between them is more about different pricing policies and the type of fabrics that are used in the protector. While there are different types of membranes … none of the manufacturers provide specific information about how their membranes are manufactured so there is no way to make a “scientific” decision based on the durability of the membrane itself (see post #2 here). Every one of these types of mattress protectors have some complaints about the membrane “failing” but I suspect that in most cases this would be because of exposure to excess heat and not following the proper care instructions but in the case of a 6 sided encasement that was around the mattress on a more “semi permanent” basis (vs a 5 sided protector) and that also had a mattress pad on top of it these types of issues would be much less common.

If you are also concerned about protecting your mattress against bed bugs then I would choose an encasement with a suitable locking zipper that has been tested against bedbugs and in this case the Protect-A-Bed encasements would make a good choice.