Semi-related, but don't know where else to ask this. Where can I find a tall bed set?

I like my beds quite high and it seems that most bed sets that I like, have the slats which remove the need for a box spring, but that seems to be at the risk of height.

Where can I find tall beds, or what can I search to find what I’m looking for? I’m not sure if there is a certain name or category that these bed sets fall under.

Hi AliMusa,

Most platform beds don’t need a foundation but you can still add a foundation on top of the slats as an option if you prefer the extra height.

You could also add some risers under the legs of your bedframe (see here for some examples).

A layer of ultra firm foam on top of the slats under your mattress (the firmer the better so that it doesn’t compromise the support under your mattress) can also add some extra height.

You could also use taller legs or adjustable legs under a steel bedframe or you could use taller legs attached directly under a foundation (see post #8 here).

You could also build your own platform bed and customize the height to your preferences as well. There are some DIY platform bed designs linked near the end of post #1 here.


I’ll also add to the list that some furniture stores, especially true Amish furniture stores, can customize products for you. I have an Amish furniture store located next to my store and they can take almost any design in their line and customize it to your particular height preference. This could be an option if you weren’t interested or able to build the bed yourself.