Serenity Memory Foam Matress from OMF - Anybody Own One?


Just curious if anybody owns a Serenity memory foam mattres from the Original Mattress Factory. If so, what is your experience with it so far?



Hi SonicExplorer,

While I don’t own one personally, there are a few reviews which have a fairly consistent pattern which is basically a “firm” memory foam mattress.

You can see some of these comments with a search at What’s the best as well as on the OMF facebook page here.

The Serenity has similarities to the Tempurpedic Rhapsody which aso used HD foam (in their case 7 lb) over 5 lb foam but with some interesting differences. It has 1.5" of high density memory foam on top (avg 8 lb) and then 1/2" of what is called reticulated foam (also called filter foam) under that with about 2.5" of 5lb memory foam under that. Reticulated foam is a low density but extremely open celled foam where the cells have been opened to a very large degree by either chemical or thermal processes which eliminates the windows in the foam cell structure. It is also used as “fast dry” foam. Because it can be “stiffer” than typical foam … it will bend more than compress and would also slow down the compression of the foam below it. The 8 lb foam which would be slower reacting and the reticulated foam would explain the comments about the mattress being firm. All of this is on a 6" base layer of 2.25 lb foam (2.15 to 2.35 range) which is also very good quality polyfoam for a base layer.

The reticulated foam would also create a faster response rate for the mattress so it wouldn’t have as much of a feeling of “sleeping in sand” which can happen with higher density memory foam and it’s breathability along with the layering which allows a little less sinking in would also result in sleeping a little cooler which also seems to be confirmed by feedback.

Bear in mind as well that original Mattress Factory displays it’s mattresses on an active innerspring rather than the more normal practice of using a firm foundation under a foam mattress (either memory foam or latex) which could affect the feel of the mattress and make it softer (more with thinner mattresses than with thicker ones). I would make sure that you test it on a firm foundation (such as an adjustable bed) to see which you prefer.

Overall … it is a very interesting design and IMO has good value. Maybe a few others who have actually tried it will chime in here as well.