Serta iConfort Queen for $800

Local Value city store has a Serta iComfort Queen mattress for clearance at $899. After talking to the manager, he offered me at $750 + tax. Is it worth buying the bed? There is no return policy since the item is on clearance.

The same mattress with a different base is being sold at $1350 in the same store. Will it be worth buying the mattress even the base looks different ?

Hi Sizzler,

There’s no way to give you a meaningful answer unless I know which model it is but if it’s either the Insight or the Genius then in my opinion definitely not. You are probably looking at a comfort exchange or a return that someone else has slept in (possibly sanitized and possibly not) and they are just a basic lower quality 4 lb memory foam (2.75") over a 6" low quality 1.5 lb polyfoam base mattress (with 2" of even worse quality polyfoam under the memory foam in the case of the Genius) with a cheap replacement foundation which should probably be selling for less than this new much less used.

These are “cheap” mattresses selling for way more than they are worth. You can take a look at the memory foam list for similar mattresses that use 3" of better quality 4 lb memory foam (without the large particles that will degrade the memory foam) over a higher quality/density polyfoam base that sell for less.