Set me straight on Latex!

Provided that I want to have a DIY Talalay latex bed, much like a flobed or PLB, how much would I save overall vs going through companies similar to those? I want Latex from LI and have ruled out going through FBM due to reputation.

It seems that I really won’t save that much doing a DIY, especially considering the assumed risk if it’s the wrong firmness when I do it. Can anyone put me at ease on this? Give me an idea of overall cost of a bed, including a good foundation, from sleepez Or

Hi ARazorbackguy1,

Good question!

Lets say for the sake of argument that a Pure Latex Bliss Nature mattress … queen size mattress only … was $2200. Compared to anything similar from most mainstream outlets this would represent good value.

A mattress that used similar amounts and quality of materials (or in some cases even more expensive materials like a wool quilted ticking even though this may not be a preference) are often available from a local manufacturer (if someone is fortunate enough to have one that made this close enough to them) for well under $2000. Lets again say for the sake of argument it was $1800 (some will be more and some less).

This means that you would be paying a premium of over 20% for the Pure Latex Bliss. You would gain the advantage of having tried the mattress and knowing it was suitable for your height, weight, body shape, and sleeping positions (to the degree that your testing was able to duplicate your actual sleeping experience). If your alternative was a local manufacturer who also sold a mattress with similar materials and you were also able to test it in person … then of course there would be no down side to choosing them. If your alternative was a “choose your own layer” or DIY mattress, then you would gain the advantage of greater flexibility in the layering of your mattress and the ability to exchange layers after purchase if you made a mistake. There may also be differences in shipping, tax, and various other parts of the overall “value equation”.

If your alternative choice was even less … or the materials were more expensive (such as all natural talalay vs bended) and you preferred the more expensive materials … then this too would become part of the tradeoffs you would make.

So overall … buying a mattress like PLB would normally be a better value choice than other mainstream mattresses including some very high priced and more premium mattresses.

Buying from one of the many local manufacturers around the country that made a mattress with very similar materials and sold them at a lower price would offer better value yet (and some of these make similar mattresses where the difference would be more than 20%). Purchasing from an online manufacturer would also have the advantage of better value and greater flexibility both before and after the sale but would have a greater risk (which can be lessened by your own personal research and testing and the mattress design and knowledge of the manufacturer you are dealing with).

Of course there are many online outlets that have lower value where there would be no significant savings or may even be more than the PLB and there may also be a few local manufacturers who made similar mattresses where the savings were also less (or in some cases may even be more) but this isn’t the case with the mattress and manufacturer choices available to the members of this forum. Overall the difference in cost between a high value local manufacturer or online outlet over the PLB can be significant but each person would of course need to decide for themselves which of the many tradeoffs involved in each choice was most important to them.

A suitable foundation is a very important part of the sleeping system. There are a wide range of foundations available that are suitable for a latex mattress ranging from @$150 for the steel frame wire grid type to the various types of slatted wood foundations which usually start under @300 to tension adjustable slatted bases to position adjustable bases which sell for @$1000 and up. Here too there are a wide variety of tradeoffs and which is the most important is up to each individual all the way from “I want the cheapest that would do” all the way to "I want the absolute best with all the features that are most important to me.

Post #7 and onwards in this thread, along with this thread, and post #47 in this thread have lots more information about foundations.

I can say for sure though that there is some amazing quality and value that is available through many of the local manufacturers across the country including the manufacturing members of this site. Part of their value is also their knowledge and ability to help you make good choices either in person on on the phone and their commitment to your long term satisfaction. IMO It’s well worth the research necessary to explore all your options before making a purchase either locally or online.


Thank you so much for your detailed response. I guess I am just confused as to what I want. I first though i would go with FBM because it was cheap and said it was talalay latex. Good thing I found this forum to guide me in the right direction, or else i could have wasted a ton of money on inferior products.

I am just afraid of making a bad decision. I really want a flobeds, mainly due to the marketing on their site and reading some good reviews. But I have also seen very happy people that have gone with sleepez and, which are much less expensive.

By the way, I am 6’2" 230lbs and my wife is 5’6" 140 lbs. so we are thinking 6" firm base with 2" Medium and 2" Soft Talalay. This seems to be the default setup, just hope it’s right for us.

Thanks again for a great forum!

Hi ARazorbackguy1,

This thread with a comparison between SleepEz and FloBeds may be of interest to you (I just updated it).

What are your normal sleeping positions?

The most accurate way to find a good layering pattern if you are considering ordering online is to do some local testing on latex mattresses where the layering is known.

If there is a local manufacturer near you … then you may be able to get the best of both worlds. Great value and the ability to test the mattress in person. If you let me know the city you’re in I’d be happy to take a look if there are any local manufacturers or better outlets that I know of near you.


We are in Bentonville, AR. I am mostly a side and back sleeper and my wife is a back sleeper. She really likes soft and I am really not sure what I like because I have never had a good bed, just hand me downs all of my life :slight_smile: but i think i like a medium firmness

There is a place in Fayetteville called Mountain Air Organics that sells Savvy Rest beds, based on their website. Would this be a good place to try something similar to what i would get from

Also, seems to be the place with the best deal. We are looking at the King Naturalux Set with an additional topper. I am assuming that “Set” means it comes with the foundation? If that’s the case, then this seems to be a reasonable solution. Would just need to find a nice pad and latex pillows to top it off!

Thanks again for your help!

Hi ARazorbackguy1,

Post #4 here includes the better options or possibilities I know of that would be worth a call or visit.

Savvy Rest makes some very nice latex mattresses where you can choose your own 3" layers. They are a great place to test various latex layering combinations and are better value than most mainstream mattresses of comparable quality but they are significantly more than many other options available through local or online manufacturers. They would be most comparable in terms of construction and layering to the SleepEz Select sleep organic lineup. is another high value online manufacturer but their 6" +2" naturalux construction is different from the Savvy Rest or SleepEz both in terms of the materials, the ticking, and the layering so it is not directly comparable. When you see “set” it means that the price includes a foundation yes. Dunlop and Talalay feel different from each other, a wool quilted ticking vs a non quilted ticking will also change the feel of the mattress, and different layering combinations and thicknesses will also significantly change the feel of the mattress. It would be similar in terms of being a latex mattress. It would be different in terms of the type of latex, the layering, and the feel.

To help with the different types of layering and firmness/softness levels of the different layers that may be suitable for different people, there are some guidelines here for different weights and some guidelines here for different sleeping positions.

Don’t forget that softness and firmness have many different meanings depending on the person and an overall “rating” for a mattress can be very misleading. All mattresses need to have softer comfort layers for pressure relief and firmer support layers for spinal alignment so the real question becomes “how soft” on top and “how firm” underneath. In other words mattresses are always a combination of softness and firmness and each person will perceive softness and firmness differently depending on their weight and body shape and on which layers they are describing.


Hi ARazorbackguy1,

I just took a quick look around Bentonville, AR and I saw a few choices that may be well worth a visit.

EDIT: See post #4 here for the better options or possibilities in the Springdale/Fayetteville/Rogers area.