Set me straight on Latex!

Hi ARazorbackguy1,

Post #4 here includes the better options or possibilities I know of that would be worth a call or visit.

Savvy Rest makes some very nice latex mattresses where you can choose your own 3" layers. They are a great place to test various latex layering combinations and are better value than most mainstream mattresses of comparable quality but they are significantly more than many other options available through local or online manufacturers. They would be most comparable in terms of construction and layering to the SleepEz Select sleep organic lineup. is another high value online manufacturer but their 6" +2" naturalux construction is different from the Savvy Rest or SleepEz both in terms of the materials, the ticking, and the layering so it is not directly comparable. When you see “set” it means that the price includes a foundation yes. Dunlop and Talalay feel different from each other, a wool quilted ticking vs a non quilted ticking will also change the feel of the mattress, and different layering combinations and thicknesses will also significantly change the feel of the mattress. It would be similar in terms of being a latex mattress. It would be different in terms of the type of latex, the layering, and the feel.

To help with the different types of layering and firmness/softness levels of the different layers that may be suitable for different people, there are some guidelines here for different weights and some guidelines here for different sleeping positions.

Don’t forget that softness and firmness have many different meanings depending on the person and an overall “rating” for a mattress can be very misleading. All mattresses need to have softer comfort layers for pressure relief and firmer support layers for spinal alignment so the real question becomes “how soft” on top and “how firm” underneath. In other words mattresses are always a combination of softness and firmness and each person will perceive softness and firmness differently depending on their weight and body shape and on which layers they are describing.