Sheets for 10" Casper mattress?

I’m a first time poster and I must say I rely appreciate and am amazed at the wealth of knowledge on this site.

I’ll be purchasing a Casper king size mattress. I’d like to get the bed sheets now. I was at Home Outfitters on the weekend and they had some really nice Egyptian cotton 400ct sheets for a good price. The label said they fit mattresses up to 18 inches. A Casper is only 10 inches. Does this mean these sheets will be too loose? I don’t want to have to by clips or anything like that. I want a nice tight fit.

Alternatively, ikea have sheets for 13 inch and 10 inch that I could get that should fit, but they are a lower thread count and aren’t Egyptian.

So my question is will the Home Outfitters “up to 18 inch” fit, or do I need to go with the IKEA ones? I’ve checked around and these are the best options I my area and I don’t want to purchase online.

Thanks in advance!

We have a 10" mattress and nothing fits well except for a 10" fitted sheet from Ikea. My wife duplicated the Ikea fitted sheet with higher quality cotton.

You’ll get promises that any size pocket sheet will fit. Don’t believe it. You need a 10" fitted sheet.

Thanks. I suppose I could mix and match, right? Use the IKEA fitted sheet on the bottom, then the higher quality Egyptian flat sheet and pillow covers, right?

You don’t think the 13" IKEA sheets would fit?

Hi gbill2004,

I would probably choose sheets with a pocket depth that are a little closer to the thickness of your mattress rather than deep pocket sheets because some people find that the sheets can bunch up if the pockets are more than a few inches deeper than the mattress (although it seems to bother some people more than others and it will also depend on the specifics of the mattress and the sheets so there is no “exact” answer). A pocket depth that is about 1" to 3" more than your mattress (so that there is some room for the sheets to tuck under the mattress) would be ideal but If your sheets are designed to fit a mattress up to 14" or 15" thick then for most people they would be fine on a 10" mattress although shallower pockets will fit more snugly. Sheets that have a strong elastic all the way around the perimeter will be less likely to fit loosely or bunch up if they are a little deeper than they need to be than sheets that only have elastic around the corners.

There is also much more information about choosing sheets in post #7 here along with the other posts, topics, and sources of information that it links to.


Thanks very much Phoenix. So can I go with the 13" higher quality sheets, or do I need to go with the lower quality 10" for the 10" Casper? Sounds like you are recommending against anything in the 16-18" range…

Hi gbill2004,

It would depend to some degree on the specifics of the sheets and your mattress and on how you sleep but if the sheets have a 13" pocket depth then they should be fine. I would also keep in mind that thread count may have very little to do with the quality or the “feel” of the sheets. Thread count is like coil counting in a mattress and is often more about marketing to consumers that believe that “higher is better” than it is about the actual quality of the sheets.

Again there isn’t any way to know for sure because it will depend on all the variables involved but it would be fair to say that the odds are higher that sheets with a deeper pocket could fit less snugly or could bunch up than sheets with a shallower pocket that was closer to the thickness of your mattress.


I can’t tell you how many voices assured us the current 12"-14" pockets…

it should fit
probably will
I think you’ll be fine
Sure,just tuck it deep

Here’s a life experience captured the night after the 12"-14" pocket sheet fitted to a 10" SleepEZ Latex mattress.

I’m pretty sure you’ll experience the same thing.

You can tuck the corners of the larger pocket sheet and stitch the pocket at 10". That works for many others.

Hi PapaMike,

Regardless of what the cause or causes may be … your sheets are certainly bunched up on your mattress.

It’s generally a good idea to have pockets that are a little deeper than than the depth of your mattress so that they can tuck under the mattress.


We don’t have that problem after modifying sheets to fit.

We used king sheets for a queen mattress. Created 10.5" pockets with sewn in elastic banding the entire perimeter. No more bunching.

Hi PapaMike,

The larger king size sheets on a queen size mattress would certainly explain the bunching and I’m glad that modifying the pocket depth solved the issue.

I have recently slept on a 6" queen mattress with queen size sheets that have a 16" pocket depth and a strong elastic around the entire perimeter and didn’t have anything like the “bunching” issue that you experienced.


PapaMike, just to clarify: that picture is a king size sheet on a queen mattress? If so, I’d think that’s the reason for the bunching.

No, I’m sorry for all the confusion.

Let’s start over.

When we ditched our former 12" mattress we attempted to use the fitted sheet on the new 10" mattress. That is what is pictured. A queen size fitted sheet that fits 12"-14" mattresses.

We tossed the pictured sheet from the mix. It’s gone. We borrowed a 10" Ikea fitted sheet from my daughter and it fit perfectly… Tight all around and did not bunch up.

So, my wife bought king size sheets, made corrections by reducing the pockets to 10.5 inch and stitched elastic around the entire perimeter. Now, the king sheet fits tightly around the 10" mattress and tucks far enough to keep it held in place.

When you buy a Casper, or like mattress, and even a latex mattress, and you’ll be placing said mattress on top of smooth finished slats, those smooth slats will not hold a short edged sheet for the night.