Sherwood Evo Biomedical Gel springless mattress

Perhaps it’s easier to get responses if I separate this mattress out from previous post - of 1/20/13 titled ‘mattress choice comparison’
what information can i get re this mattress? Is this a good quality mattress? cost approx $1270

I would be interested in what you know re the Sherwood Evo Biomedical Gel springless mattress sold by sitnsleep.

The spec sheet given me by the store says 2 lb density furniture grade soy based support foam. Over that is soy-based memory foam and soy based gel infused memory foam. The top is 1 1/4" layer of engineered HD foam with 3/4" soy-based gel poured into it. The gel topper has 2000% more gel than gel infused memory foam and the 1 1/4" topper is supposed to be more expensive than 3" of talalay The RX300 says the amount of density of memory foam underneath the gel is: 2" (1" 4 lb, 1" 4.7 lb gel-infused). Mattress has 20yr non-prorated warranty with 3/4" threshold. Mattress is supposed to be made in the USA, has an organic cotton ticking, is adjustable- friendly.

Hi cbcb,

I think the information I’ve included in your other thread should help (I wrote it before I saw this post).

I would keep in mind too that all the layers together are part of the quality and value of a mattress and while the gel itself is a very high quality and durable material … it’s only one of the layers and all of them together will be part of both the performance and quality, value, and durability of this mattress.