shopping near Westchester NY

Hi marshster,

You may have already read this but just in case the first place to start is post #1 here and the information it links to.

A forum search on “” (you can just click this) will bring up many posts about Arizona Premium Mattress. A search on “Arizona Premium” (you can just click this as well) will also bring up some posts that the first search misses.

They are one of the members of this site which means that I believe they are among the best quality and value in the country but all of the manufacturers you are mentioning use great quality materials in their mattresses and have good value (in different ways) and would be well worth talking to.

If you let me know either a city or a zip code (a county is too big an area to look) I’d be happy to let you know of the better options I’m aware of in your area. In the meantime … the links in post #3 here may be helpful.