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We are in the earlly stages of looking for a new bed. My wife and I like what we have read about latex but have not yet tried a latex mattress. We need to keep within a reasonable budget. We have seen the online stores including Flobed, Foam Sweet Foam, Sleep EZ, and Arizona Preemium Mattress. We are looking for comfort, flexibilty of design and a reasonable price.
Where can we test mattresses in our are that would be comparable to the barands above?
I dont see any feed back on Arizona?

Thank you


Hi marshster,

You may have already read this but just in case the first place to start is post #1 here and the information it links to.

A forum search on “” (you can just click this) will bring up many posts about Arizona Premium Mattress. A search on “Arizona Premium” (you can just click this as well) will also bring up some posts that the first search misses.

They are one of the members of this site which means that I believe they are among the best quality and value in the country but all of the manufacturers you are mentioning use great quality materials in their mattresses and have good value (in different ways) and would be well worth talking to.

If you let me know either a city or a zip code (a county is too big an area to look) I’d be happy to let you know of the better options I’m aware of in your area. In the meantime … the links in post #3 here may be helpful.


Hi Phoenix,

Thnk you for the response. Our zipcode is 10583.


Hi marshter,

I did some more research over the last few days (online and on the phone) in the White Plains / Scarsdale, NY area and there is little to nothing in the immediate area that would be in the same value range or have the same knowledge as the manufacturers and retailers that I listed in the NYC link and in the Connecticut link in my last reply. If I was in your shoes I would take the time to fist phone and then visit some of these. I did add a couple of options to the Connecticut list.

If I did have to shop locally (within 20 miles or less) then I would reluctantly consider these but neither of them seemed particularly knowledgeable about the materials in their mattresses which means that you would likely be making a blind purchase (or have to call manufacturers about the specs of their mattresses) which I don’t recommend. Yonkers, NY. Carries GoldBond mattress including their gel memory foam but none of their latex. They didn’t seem very knowledgeable about their mattresses much less what was in them. Paramus, NJ. See post #3 here for some of the better value here. Mt Kisco, NY., Westport, Danbury, CT., Ridgewood, NJ. Carries their own line of latex mattresses made by Restopedic that are well designed and high quality mattresses but also have a more premium price so I would make some careful value comparisons here.

There may be some better choices a little further away.

In the NYC direction … there is a list of some of the better options and possibilities I’m aware of in post #2 here and post #7 here (Monroe Township, NJ) has a more categorized list with more detailed descriptions of some of them.

In the Connecticut direction Post #2 in this thread has a list of the Connecticut factory direct manufacturers and some of the better retailers that I know of.

There are some very good choices available to you within reasonable driving distance.


I am from NYC but went to Custom Sleep Design in Westport, CT last week to work with Bob on a custom mattress. While a touch more expensive than some (but not all) websellers of latex mattresses, you get personalized attention and bed that is zoned for comfort, so to me that is worth the extra $. Will post once I get the mattress and let you know!

Hi Nycmom7,

As you know I think highly of Bob and the unique zoning of his mattresses. It’s like having a custom fitted suit vs one that’s off the rack with some alterations.

I’m looking forward to your feedback when you’ve received it.

Congratulations on your new mattress :slight_smile: