shopping tactics

Hello, I appreciate the information given on this site. In regards to shopping for mattresses in general, the advice commonly given is to play hard to get with the expectation that the price of the mattress will be lowered.

I’ve located one of the retailers mentioned here, who is identified as knowledgeable. He doesn’t have salesmen roaming around the store. In such a case is it more appropriate to accept the sales price displayed?

Hi rjstf,

Post #6 here has more about “negotiating” prices but in most cases the better manufacturers across the country sell their mattresses at the same great value every day of the year and don’t need to resort to “fake sales” to sell mattresses because their regular selling price is already better value than most of the best “sale prices” of the mainstream industry. There is also more in post #5 here about “fake sales”.

They may be open in some cases to a small discount or some additional bonus but it’s important that you are making apples to apples comparisons to other mattresses that have a similar design and use similar materials rather than just assuming the entire industry has “fake prices” that are always subject to a discount when that isn’t usually true with the smaller independent manufacturers.

It never hurts to ask of course or to show them other similar mattresses that are very comparable (which is the most powerful “negotiating” tool of all) but it’s also important to make sure that your expectations are realistic and based on the mattress itself.