shoulder digging into mattress causing back pain

I’m having trouble with this tempur pedic pro adept medium mattress. It works will for my wife, but not so much with me. It seems to be in the shoulder that causes the issue. It feels like there’s more pressure on it. I’ve tried multiple toppers, but has either not helped or caused more issues. We’ve had this mattress for almost a year now. Is there any easy solutions or maybe hacks I could try to fix this?

If there are no fixes, I really don’t want to sell this mattress and lose money off of it. I would honestly be more willing to donate it to someone who really needs it or give/sell to a family member who would benefit. I don’t know if that would be possible though.

Hi buzzdrew7.
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Sorry to hear that your one-year-old (12") Tempur ProAdapt is causing you back and shoulder pains.
To better offer some guidance it would be useful to know some of your personal stats … weight, height, body profile type, and preferred sleeping position(s). and when the back or shoulder pains started showing up. Did you have them from the get-go with this mattress?

Unless your pains are caused by sagging or foam breakdown it would impossible to diagnose with any certainty an online forum, as there are far too many personal variables involved, including items such as your BMI, somatotype, sleeping style, levels of flexibility, core strength, sensitivities, and preexisting conditions. All I can speak of would be the general reasons for certain “symptoms” when sleeping upon a mattress (see post #2 here, but the first step in finding this would always be to determine whether your “symptoms” are from pressure issues, alignment issues, or “feel” issues … all of which could have different solutions. I’d also make sure to reevaluate your pillow thickness with your mattress, as this can often lead to several types of pains.

What are you using for both a frame and support system under your mattress? To check if this may be a sagging or lack of alignment issue, I’d suggest a “ground up” assessment to make sure that there is nothing under the mattress that may be contributing. Bed sizes above a twin should have good center support to the floor to prevent any flexing under the mattress and the people sleeping on it. In all cases … the mattress needs to rest on an evenly supportive base that will not sag or weaken over time under the weight of the mattress and the people on it. You can verify if the support system you are using is appropriate if you place your mattress/spring unit directly upon the floor to see if that makes any difference for you. if you feel any improvement then it is possible that the support system is the cause of your discomfort … or … there is a combination of faulty/flexing foundation and core layer being too soft for your prone sleeping.

Tempurpedic does not list any of mattress information people need to know so that they can compare the quality of the materials and components to the mattress durability guidelines here Which means that you may be a bit on a wild goose chase with fixing something that in the end will start sagging or breaking down. over time,

As far as donating or selling the mattress if it cannot be fixed, you’d be better off looking for some local solutions (TMU Forum does not allow for selling mattresses or components)