Shoulder pain, side sleeper, Nest Hybrid Latex

Hi, I recently (almost 4 weeks ago) purchased a Nest Hybrid Latex in Medium. I’ve been waking up multiple times in the middle of the night with pain in my shoulders when I sleep on my side. Sleeping on my back is great. I didn’t notice it in the store when I tried out the bed but I’m now noticing pressure point on my shoulder when I’m on my side. It just feels almost like my shoulder completely compresses the latex layer and ends up maybe on the coil layer which is very firm. What would be the recommendation to fix this issue? I haven’t quite hit the 30 day “break in” mark yet but I’m close and Nest customer service assures me the mattress will significantly change with use but I don’t see it really changing that much. Any recommendations will be appreciated.

Hi Pnut34,

Either a 2” or 3” Talalay would be an ideal solution for your pressure point issues. Please keep the following in mind when choosing a thickness for your topper: A 2” topper will make a noticeable difference but, depending on how much you want to change the feel of your mattress, may still leave something to be desired. The 3” topper will change the feel of your mattress the most, and if that’s the change that you’re looking for then this would be the best bet. The best way to summarize it would be to say that a 2” topper will make the mattress feel moderately softer and the 3” topper will make the mattress feel much softer. I would recommend a soft topper for anyone under 230 pounds and a medium topper for anyone over 230 pounds.