Showroom Mattresses Feel Different (for same brand/model)

I’ve visited Hassleless mattress store at two different locations both before and after they changed out their mattresses. Even though they have the same exact models, they felt different at different times or different locations.

It makes sense to me that a new mattress would feel firmer than a mattress that has been in the showroom for… however long they are? And a mattress that is at the end of it’s showroom life will feel softer or less supportive.

At my visit yesterday, I spent a very long time trying out many mattresses. The strange thing is I tried a Beauty Rest Rosa Vista medium firm mattress and a Beauty Rest Rosa Vista medium mattress. Somehow the medium firm mattress felt less supportive than the medium, and I noted that when I layed on my back, my hips were sinking in too much on the medium firm mattress (didn’t feel this way on the medium mattress). Is there any explanation for this aside from maybe the medium firm mattress having been used more in the showroom than the medium mattress?

Hi Cassandra.

That’s a good question.

Do you know if the mattress is zoned at all?

My gut also is leaning towards this mattress just being over-tested/breaking down. I wonder if there’s somewhere else you could test the same model to see if you have the same experience. But, since the medium mattress didn’t cause this sinking…it’s likely that particular mattress. I also wonder if it’s on the right frame. Maybe there’s a gap that’s allowing for some sinking?

How did the medium feel in terms of comfort and support?

Thank you for your response!

IIRC, I thought the medium mattress felt okay, but not amazing. I wanted to try it again after I had narrowed down my choices, but I couldn’t because someone else was testing it.

I tested these at the beginning of the summer and noted that the medium firm was too firm (like laying on a hard floor). I knew they had just changed out the mattresses because I went a couple weeks prior and they were having floor model clearance and then when I returned the off-gassing in the room was overwhelming. I didn’t make any notes about the medium, which leads me to believe I knew it was a definite no.

The mattress does not appear to have zoned coils. It’s on the cheaper side too, $940 for the medium and $840 for the medium firm.

The majority of mattresses were on adjustable bases, so maybe it’s possible that people had repeatedly left the medium firm mattress in a bent position that caused it to wear down more??

Hi Cassandra,

That’s very possible. But it also sounds like you got some valuable data points! If the medium wasn’t especially great, the medium firm is probably not the right fit either - at least in this model. Are you looking strictly at innerspring beds with no foam (i.e no hybrids?) or are those also a possibility for you?


Yes I’m open to hybrid mattresses. Actually I don’t know what the difference is between hybrid and the innerspring mattresses that I’ve seen because they all have many layers of foam, even if they don’t have “hybrid” in the name lol

Hi Cassandra,

So, a hybrid is basically thick slabs of foam over innerspring, where an innerspring is going to have really thin layers of other materials (possibly batting, cotton, etc) that’s sort of tufted into the mattress.

Are you leaning more towards something on the soft side?