Shredded latex pillow sleeps hot?!

For the past couple months I’ve been trying out the SleepEZ hybrid mattress and I’m absolutely sold on latex instead of poly or memory foams because not once in this 2 month period have I woken up soaked in sweat… for the most part. With the mattress I received a free, standard size, shredded latex pillow. I love the pillow and how it can be shaped however you want it. The problem is I wake up about every other night and the pillow will be soaked where my head/neck were. My body/mattress will be bone dry, for some strange reason it is only my head and neck. I can’t recall ever having this happen previously. In the past if I woke up and my pillow was soaked, that would mean the mattress was too, but somehow that’s not the case. Has anyone ever had this where only their head/neck sweat? Thank you for any help.


Hi Kettleman.

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Sorry to hear about the sweaty pillow! Have you tried out different types of pillowcases to make sure that’s not the culprit? It is quite strange that it’s only the neck up. I’ve not had or heard of this happening before and so unfortunately beyond the pillowcase, I’m unsure what may be the culprit in causing your head to sweat.

I hope others in the forum who have had this experience or have a solution up their sleeve are able to chime in.

I have a Nest Bedding Easy Breather Natural shredded latex pillow that I use both a Walmart brand Mainstays cooling pillow protector and cotton pillowcase over the organic cotton pillowcase that Nest Bedding uses. Yeah, that seems to be a bit excessive but what can I say?
I consider myself to be a hot sleeper and find using cotton pillowcases and bed sheets helps me sleep cooler. I may try removing the cooling pillow protector and just use a cotton pillowcase over the Nest organic cotton case to see if that will allow a bit more airflow and cooling. For side sleeping, I really like the shredded latex as it is supportive and gives my neck muscles and fused neck vertebrae a lot of relief from discomfort.
I also have a Coop Home Goods Eden shredded gel memory foam pillow which is advertised as being a highly rated cooling pillow. I do not find it to be a cool pillow but it is really soft which is something my fused neck vertebra like a lot for those times my fused neck demands I sleep on my back. I removed their provided lultra fabric pillowcase and keep a cotton pillowcase on it as well but during the summer, I still find it to be a pretty warm pillow. The Coop Eden is a good-winter time pillow though for those cold nights.
Bottom line to these rambling thoughts? 100% Cotton… breathable and comfortable. It’s worth a shot.

I would say it’s the pillow protector. Is it a waterproof pillow protector? I made the mistake of buying a waterproof mattress protector that made my bed so hot and unbreathable.