shredded latex pillows

I want to try one to see if it helps with neck issues, but there is a bewildering variety out there in terms of price and composition: all talalay, all Dunlop, and combinations. I know all about talalay and Dunlop in terms of mattresses, but I can’t find any information about how one would go about choosing among these options in terms of a pillow. And all sellers seem to carry one or the other so don’t have any comparison information. Any insight would be appreciated.

Hi Pspa123,

When it comes to pillows there really isn’t any way to compare them outside of your preferences for the type of material (such as 100% natural Talalay vs blended Talalay vs 100% natural Dunlop etc) but the feel of the pillow depends on so many factors (including the particle sizes and shapes and the amount of fill) that your personal sleeping experience or conversations with the retailer or manufacturer is really the only way to get some sense of how they might “feel” for you compared to others. There are too many variables and preferences to use specs when it comes to the “feel” of pillows.

I think though that if you are looking at shredded latex pillows that you haven’t tried in person then the ability to adjust the amount of the fill such as here or here or here would be a very useful option so you can customize it in terms of thickness and firmness.

You’ve probably already seen this but just in case the pillow thread here may also be helpful.


Oh my yet another variable – latex “noodles” versus the more typical shredded latex. And regular shredded latex versus “twice shredded” latex? It’s overwhelming!!

Hi pspa123,

I sleep on a Lanoodles pillow (although it’s not the one that can be adjusted for the amount of fill) and I like it a lot … although of course my preferences may not be the same as someone else.

A forum search on lanoodles will bring up more about them (both the topper and the pillows that use them).

It is really impossible to take every variable about a pillow’s construction to try and predict how it might feel for you without having some kind of reference point or a more detailed conversation with the retailer or manufacturer or to some degree reading reviews but each person can have such different perceptions that reviews can also be quite misleading. An example is here where the same pillow is “rated” by different people as being anywhere from soft to firm and everything in between. The Lanoodles (or any type of shredded latex) will generally be softer and more “fluffy” and less “bouncy” than a solid latex pillow. You can also buy lanoodles in bulk and use them to make your own pillow.


This is a good option I sleep on. It is shredded on one side and solid on the other, for me I use the shredded side up which gives me the softness and comfort and keep the solid side down which provides support.